what i ate in atlanta

what I ate in Atlanta_hot for food

Recently, I got to hit up Atlanta for a double whammy trip! I had a co-cookbook signing with Timmy (aka MississippiVegan, but you probably know that by now!). And on top of that, my dream came true of seeing Abraham Hicks live! It was a magical trip on so many levels. You can watch the entire vlog here.

And here’s all the vegan food I ate in Atlanta!

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Ponce de Leon Whole Foods (hot bar)

You know what they say… when in doubt, go to Whole Foods! Well, maybe that’s not a thing, but I think it should be. Sometimes it’s ideal to just grab pre-made vegan food on the go! I got a huge helping of the vegan mac & cheese, green beans, fried tofu, and the smoky corn. I wish they served all of these at the Canadian locations, cause they were freakin’ dope!

verdict: the Whole Foods hot bar is always a good choice, especially for those of you in Atlanta!

Sunflower Cafe (Buckhead)

atlanta1_hot for food

atlanta2_hot for food

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what i ate in atlanta_hot for food

Then we hit up the Sunflower Cafe, and truly dug into a vegan meal for the gods. We shared the fried avocado tacos, crab cakes, sesame soy chicken, harvest salad, and the pasta special. They had a beautiful array of cake slices for us to choose from, and I got to try the double chocolate and carrot! The carrot cake had a sweet icing like what I remember eating as a kid. So nostalgic!

verdict: certain things on this menu are better than others. It’s like an “old school” vegan vibe! Regardless, it’s worth eating a meal there and supporting the business. 


what i ate in atlanta_hot for food

This place wasn’t exclusively vegan, BUT they had vegan pizzas on the menu! Hallelujah! These beautiful baked pies had creamy cashew cheese on ‘em that I was obsessed with. And you know me, a flavor explosion is something I’m always down for, so I wasn’t even upset by the fact that there was an eff ton of garlic on one of them!

verdict: if you’re on a vegan pizza hunt in Atlanta, bookmark this place!

First Batch Artisan Foods (at Moods Music)
what i ate in atlanta_hot for food

I’m wrapping up my Atlanta recap on a sweet note! I got coconut based ice cream with a caramel hennessy swirl… oh ya, you read that right. UH HUH, HENNY! I got mine in a whoppin’ waffle cone and had sweet sweet dreams of vegan ice cream that night.

verdict: this flavor is the BOMB and I highly recommend grabbing a cone here.

Lauren Toyota_Timothy Pakron

Well Atlanta, ya treated me WELL! As always, thank you to everyone who came out to the co-cookbook signing we did and big thanks to Eagle Eye Book Shop for hosting the event too. It’s always great to meet those of you who live across the globe! There’s a lot of places we didn’t have the chance to check out, so I definitely plan on making a trip back for more vegan food in Atlanta ASAP.

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  1. You were in Atlanta, my hometown! Wish I could have had met you. Thank you for the Paris video as you gals went places that I didn’t see. Love the gardens, selfies and the Vietnamese food.

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