what i ate in tulum

what I ate in tulum_hot for food

You know I love a good vegan festival! So when I had the opportunity to visit Tulum for Tulum Veg Fest, I could barely contain my excitement. I spent this trip doing all the best things with some of the best vegan people I know. We swam, explored, went to wicked events with other vegan creators, and obviously ate all the vegan food in Tulum we could get our hands on! Here’s the deets about all the places I loved.

hot for food approved

Fruto Mistico

This was a super vibey place that we visited at night! We had some outta this WORLD food here including the tacos de jamaica (hibiscus tacos), quesadillas de hoja santa, enchiladas de hongos, and chili relleno. I’ve definitely never heard of putting hibiscus in a taco before, but I’m upset I hadn’t tried it sooner.

verdict: a great place to grab some Mexican eats with friends at night! I also heard through the grapevine that the brunch is also stellar and I don’t doubt it!

Charly’s Vegan Tacos

what I ate in tulum_hot for food

Back at it again with some more Mexican food, we hit up Charly’s Vegan Tacos which is a very well loved place in Tulum! I sipped on a gin hibiscus cardamom cocktail, proving once again that I need way more hibiscus in my life. I was truly blown away by the presentation of the food here, it was stunning and equally delicious. We had the fried plantain banana, Charly’s aguachile, nachos machos, and Charly’s signature taco trio.

verdict: this is a MUST visit spot in Tulum! Beautiful food, amazing flavor combinations, and super veg-friendly. What more could ya ask for?! Oh, and there’s also a location in Miami if you happen to be there.

I Scream Bar

tulum_hot for food

Ever heard of a place that serves ice cream AND alcohol? If not, then I Scream Bar should officially be on your “to-visit” list! I never thought I’d call tequila delicious, but here it really was! You can also get a shot served over your ice cream which was equally yummy.

verdict: tequila and vegan-friendly ice cream?! You’d be a fool to not visit here while in Tulum.

La Hoja Verde

what i ate in tulum_hot for food

You know I’m always down to dig into some breakfast! So La Hoja Verde, a vegetarian breakfast joint, was the perfect spot to add to our trip’s vegan eats. Everything here can be easily ordered to be vegan. We had the hot cakes de platano, enfrijoladas de papa y chorizo de soya, and omelette vegano de papa. (Pssst, wondering how to make a vegan omelette? Check out this post!) 

verdict: there’s no better way to start your day than with breakfast at this cute spot!

Kin Toh

What I Ate in Tulum_hot for food

what I ate in tulum_hot for food

Kin Toh was one of the coolest places I got to visit in Tulum! It’s built like a canopy tree house and has amazing views. We got the 4 course vegan tasting menu, and everything was beautifully plated. It was the perfect way for us to wrap up our trip!

tulum_hot for food

I think it’s safe to say that Tulum was a wild ride! Veg Fest was a blast, and it was great to connect with so many other vegan creators. Tulum can be a little much because tourism has completely blown up here, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. And if you do plan on going make sure to save my list of approved vegan food in Tulum!

hot for food approved_tulum

noted, not notable

  • Sugarfree at Central Park Tulum
  • Meows Cream

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