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how to make a vegan omelette

I’ve got egg-celent news for you… being vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing eggs! You heard it here, and the news is true. You can make delicious vegan omelettes, and even scrambled “eggs”! All you need is some handy ingredients that when cooked properly, make some serious vegan magic happen in the kitchen.

I’ve also committed a total food blogger fail… I’ve been making various versions of this vegan omelette for a while now and never bothered to write down the recipe! It’s delicious and I kept it from you! I’m sorry! But with the vegan breakfast challenge on this week, I went to town and made what I thought was a good staple breakfast idea. Watch it now!


  • Dillon 3 years ago

    Hi Lauren just one quick question so I can make this tripe that I know will be delicious! All I have is firm tofu, can I use firm tofu instead of medium firm? If so would I need to add anything different to the egg batter? Thank you Lauren have a wonderful rest of your day.

    • Dillon 3 years ago


  • Kya 3 years ago

    Hey Lauren, do you think I could make a big batch of this and keep it in a jug in the fridge, then fry up a fresh omelette each morning? Or is it a cook-as-soon-as-you-blend sort of situation?

  • Gwen 3 years ago

    Hey Lauren, I love all your recipes! I was wondering if it were possible to make them a little more printer friendly or have a link to a printer friendly one? I like to print out recipes I like and keep them in a binder so I don’t loose them and can reuse them. Either way, I’ll always be a fan of hot for food!

    • Gwen 3 years ago

      I literally just saw the printer icon at the bottom of this page, I guess I’ve never scrolled past the recipe before! I can’t figure out how to delete this comment so just ignore it! Sorry for the trouble lol

  • Shuk 3 years ago

    Must I use chickpea flour or can I substitute it with white flour? Thankyou~~

  • Yesenia 3 years ago

    Can I use corn starch instead? I don’t have tapioca starch!

  • Kara 3 years ago

    Just made this and the taste was delicious but I think I need to work on the texture, it came out a bit wet and therefore very brittle. It was thick in the food processor but never seemed to fully cook and dry out when it was cooking. Do you recommend pressing the tofu first to remove some excess water?

  • B 3 years ago

    This did not turn out like the picture. The texture was chalky and wet. I thought I could cook it more to get rid of the "wetness" and it just lumped together into one giant wet ball.

  • Liz 3 years ago

    The recipe for the omelette is written down says table spoons not tes spoons for the flour..

    • Lauren Toyota 3 years ago

      nope its tablespoons!

  • Shannon 3 years ago

    My omelette wouldn’t firm up whatsoever. I cooked it in the pan for 20+ minutes and it went from batter to hot sticky mush that I couldn’t flip or fold. Followed the recipe for the batter exactly. Any suggestions?

    • SopheAnn 8 months ago

      I make this recipe rather frequently and the first time i made it i had this issue too- use a cast iron pan as opposed to non-stick, that solved my issue, and you gotta cook it on medium heat for like 5-9 minutes on each side for it to firm up, that should fix your issue!

  • Korena Goodell 2 years ago

    Hello! So I just tried making this omelet using firm tofu since that’s what I had in the fridge and the omelet never seemed to ‘cook’ all the way through. When it was time to flip the batter would seep through the cracks and ‘leak’ onto the pan. I left a cover on the pan and that never firmed up the omelet. I tried cooking them in the oven but they puffed up and harden. Did this happen because I used firm tofu and not medium?

    • Korena Goodell 2 years ago

      Also, I did use arrow root flour instead of tapioca starch.

  • Jan Davidson 2 years ago

    I like it! Tips for a successful omelette… Blend well to get rid of chickpea grittiness. The batter should be thick. Make sure to spread the mixture thin or it won’t cook all the way through. Flip only when the edges and backside is browned. Mine firmed up perfectly. If you want a video tutorial, watch Lauren’s video on Chatelaine’s youtube channel. Mine came out good.

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