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Tofino is a neat place in British Columbia that I got to visit in 2016! When I lived in Vancouver for a while and worked as a MuchMusic VJ, I did take a trip to Tofino once to shoot some BMX bikers, but I wasn’t even vegan at that time. But getting to visit again as my hot for foodie self and really immerse myself in the vibe of Tofino was a dream come true! I was treated to a weekend stay at Pacific Sands Resort with a whole itinerary of fun stuff to do, but eating was the main priority! Eating vegan can be challenging at times, but there’s always a way to make it work no matter where you are. Here’s all the vegan food in Tofino that I ate.

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Fairmont YVR

tofino_hot for food

I had a quick breakfast at the hotel I was staying in before heading out on my flight. It was a combo of tomato slices, avocados, hash browns, toast, and coffee. If you read about my Mexico trip, you’ll know a good vegan hack I use for breakfast is ordering sides! All of these foods are my go-to’s if there’s nothing explicitly veg-friendly on the menu, and it still leaves me satisfied. Just make sure you order your toast dry!

verdict: this spot had just enough for me to put together a tasty vegan brekky.


tofino_hot for food

tofino_hot for food

Once we touched down in Tofino, there was a taco truck nearby that we stopped at! I settled on a burrito over tacos, and was hella satisfied with my choice. I’ve eaten a lot of food the size of my head before, but this burrito was seriously gigantic and heavy. It was full of rice, beans, salsa, guac and cabbage so it’s safe to say I was happy upon arriving!

verdict: some seriously good Mexican food! They have different food trucks and in-person locations that you can read about on their website.

Tofino Brewing Company

tofino_hot for food

It was time for us to dive into some booze, so at this spot we had a flight of different beers including a kelp stout! Apparently kelp is a big thing in Tofino and I tried a piece of pickled bull kelp off the charcuterie board. Let’s just say I prefer kelp to stay in the sea and off my plate from now on!

verdict: I was pleasantly surprised with the beer I drank – it reminded me of a vanilla porter I drink back home!

Shelter Restaurant

This is where we went for a proper sit-down dinner! I had fries as an appetizer, and unfortunately nothing on the menu was explicitly vegan but the chef was able to whip me something up! I ended up eating a warm salad with greens, sweet potatoes, and black beans, as well as a basmati rice bowl with broccoli, carrots, beans and sprouts. All those veggies were exactly what I needed to fuel my surfing lesson the next day!

verdict: this meal was super fresh and satisfying, especially considered it wasn’t a menu feature!


vegan food in tofino_hot for food

vegan food in tofino_hot for food

vegan food in tofino_hot for food

The surfing proved to be quite a challenge, but a totally rewarding experience. As a humble brag, I even properly stood up on mine! I guess I’m basically a surfing pro now. After our extravaganza, we went to Sobo for lunch to replenish ourselves. I had a quinoa and black bean burger, sweet potato chips, kale chips, and coconut yam soup. It was all 100% vegan and cooked with love by Chef Lisa. I also grabbed a fruit, chocolate and nut cookie to have later on which was lotsa yum!

verdict: this was a great lil’ spot for us to grab lunch! The meal was really well balanced and the chef was lovely.

Wolf in the Fog

I was excited to eat here because I’d heard great things about the chef, especially his ability to cook vegan food! It’s always great when chefs are accommodating and willing to make more than a garden salad or something. Everything was beautifully plated and had amazing flavors, with my personal fav being the creamy beet risotto!

verdict: the chef here really cares about the food he creates, and it shows! This was some of the best vegan food in Tofino that I ate.

Rhino Coffee

vegan food in tofino_hot for food

Is it really a “what I ate” travel post if I didn’t eat a donut at some point? The one I grabbed here in Tofino is extra special ‘cause it has a fun story behind it! The mayor of Tofino, Josie Osborne, is vegan (hell ya!) so they named their vegan jelly donut after her. The Josie Jelly was packed with an unreal fruit filling and was fried to perfection, just the way I like ‘em. Baked donuts can get outta here.

Pacific Sands

vegan food in tofino_hot for food

I ended this trip on a great note by eating with the crew at a new property that the resort just acquired, but hadn’t yet opened up to the public. The chef of Pacific Sands was cooking up a storm for all of us, and seemed more than happy to cook up vegan food which I was so grateful for. I had yellow curry squash soup, fava bean pakoras with coconut mint dip, veggie kebabs, and for dessert… a chocolate tart with rhubarb and raspberry sorbet.

verdict: everything was fresh, delicious and gets an A+ all around.

There’s officially a decent amount of vegan food in Tofino if you ask me! This district made my surfing dreams come true and fed me well while I was at it. This trip out west was incredible to say the least. If you wanna read about more adventures in Vancouver, check out this blog post!

what i ate_tofino

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