hot for holidays: next level vegan recipes for a festive feast

hot for holidays_hot for food

’tisssssss the season for all things festive! Hand me some mashed taters on a gingerbread cookie covered in vegan gravy and I’m a happy chick. JK! I might make some crazy stuff in the kitchen, but I’m def not on board with that. The real sitch I’m bringing is a whole ebook of crazily comforting, hella delicious recipes to keep you eatin’ well ALL. SEASON. LONG… hot for holidays: next level vegan recipes for a festive feast! (If you do try a crazy vegan holiday creation, though, don’t forget to show me using @hotforfood!)

These ain’t your average vegan holiday recipes though, peeps. If you’re looking for classics  like sweet potatoes, green beans, and gingerbread cookies, I’ve already got ya covered on the blog! That’s why you NEED this ebook to unveil the most mind-blowing, tasty, festive franken-creations my brain has EVER thought of.  Get your copy now!

Keep scrolling for a sneak peek of what hot for holidays goodies you’ll find in it!

all the potatoes gratin is exactly what it looks like, baby! If you consider potatoes part of your identity, this is the recipe for you.

all the potatoes gratin_hot for food

pumpkin spice fondue will make all your basic bitch dreams come true. Dip all kinds of delish sweet treats into it for a cozy fall night in!

pumpkin pie fondue_hot for food

bacon & brussels mushroom bombs got their name cause they’re TOTALLY the bomb. Forget bringing a measly bag of chips to your work holiday party, these appies will steal the show!

brussel bacon mushroom bombs_hot for food

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