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vegan nog

vegan nog_hot for food

It’s the holidays… relax and indulge! I’ve got just the thing for you… Christmasy drinks with booze. Duh! This vegan nog is filled with spice rum and totally hits the spot. It’s sweet, spicy, and everything you want a good ol’ cup of nog to be. For another boozy holiday drink, you can make my vegan Bailey’s Irish Cream. Or for something the whole family can enjoy, make my hazelnut hot chocolate! All 3 ideas are in the video below, or keep scrolling for the full vegan nog recipe.

vegan nog_hot for food


  • Amber 3 years ago

    You’ve got great timing! I was just getting the nog cravings last night! Thanks for another awesome recipe 🙂

  • Devon 3 years ago

    Made vegan nog thinking we’d have it with our early Christmas feast last night, but everyone was too full from the other food to even think about a sweet drink! So instead, I blended it with my coffee this morning (without alcohol, haha 😉 ), and it made a fantastic vegan nog latte! Yummmm

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