J&J’s Kitchen: cauliflower buffalo wings

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This is the stuff YouTube dreams are made of! Today world famous YouTube celeb Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend Julien posted a new episode of their cooking show J&J’s Kitchen. To my surprise they were making the cauliflower buffalo wings together! They even made the vegan ranch dip and said they might have to make another batch immediately!

Jenna said, “THESE ARE FUCKING INCREDIBLE”. I’m glad you loved them so much Jenna!

Watch the full video below…

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7 thoughts on “J&J’s Kitchen: cauliflower buffalo wings”

  1. Why do you use the term "infamous" ? Are you sure that’s what you mean based on the definition of the word? I’ve had the cauliflower buffalo wings and there is much reason to say they are worthy of being famous, but not infamous.

    1. well you are right. I did not know that infamous meant "famous for being bad"! I thought it meant along the lines of legendary! Since I am here editing parts of the blog anyway I have gone about changing that. Thanks 🙂

  2. I was binging old Jenna vids procrastinating studying for finals, as one does, and watched this episode again and decided to check you out. So this exact video is how I found you! I used to be vegan a couple years ago but for many social reasons (aka social pressure- always feeling like a bother, people telling me how hard for them it was that I couldn’t just go grab a burger with them and always being made fun of, people not understanding) ended up stopping. I always thought about going back vegan and always wanted to, watching your channel gave me the extra push. I have just started my second veganism journey but your channel is such an inspiration and makes it so accessible and thanks to you I found chao cheese which is now my heaven. You are so amazing and I hope you continue both your youtube channels for a long long time, I am such a huge fan. Thank you so much for being the catalyst to me finally listening to my heart and my body and becoming vegan again.
    ps. if you respond to this: my boyfriend is not vegan, at all, he’s basically anti vegan (obviously he supports me fully and is amazing about it but he does not want to eat what I do) Is there a restaurant in Toronto that you would recommend for a date night where I could get some great vegan eats but he might also enjoy as a full blown carnivore?

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