nothing but noods

I’ve created a brand new ebook called nothing but noods! It contains 5 epic recipes for pasta and noodles and you’re going to want to get your hands on it.

vegan noodle recipe

This brand new ebook nothing but noods is exclusively available in The Plant Based Bundle currently on sale for a limited time only from November 18 to November 28, 2022! This bundle is the hottest vegan deal you’ve ever seen. It contains over 200 vegan ebooks, programs, and guides to help you on your vegan journey.

You want comprehensive meal plans? Fitness motivation and routines? Raw vegan recipes, juicing ideas, and vegan comfort food eats? Well, this is your chance to get this bundle while it’s available for only 10 days. It’s $50 (USD) but worth over $8500 (USD) in material!

I’ve also included my ebook even more vegan comfort classics in The Plant Based Bundle, so right there you get 20 brand new recipes from hot for food. nothing but noods has cozy, comforting noods galore! The book contains recipes for one-pot penne alla vodka, spicy sesame noodles with yuba, caramelized shallot pasta, smoked gouda mac and cheese, and pastitsio (Greek lasagna). Doesn’t that sound absolutely delicious?!

a little taste of nothing but noods

You can get my recipe for vegan smoked gouda mac and cheese here. This recipe is included in the ebook, but consider it a free gift to get ya drooling! On the left, we have a true caramelized shallot pappardelle pasta where the shallots really shine! In the middle is the smoked gouda mac and cheese that is so creamy and delicious. Oh ya, it also has a potato chip crumb topping! And on the right is a downright scrumptious penne alla vodka. No twists, just a good and spicy, slight creamy vodka sauce. Drooling yet?

caramelized shallot pasta
vegan smoked gouda mac and cheese
penne alla vodka

I also have 3 more ebooks you might not have in your hot for food collection yet! Check out even more vegan comfort classics, hot for holidays, and just dessert stuff!

even more vegan comfort classics_cover_hot for food
hot for holidays cover

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