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I am so thrilled to share this with you all! Look, it’s hot for food in the stunning vegan magazine, Laika. This past March we travelled to New York City to do this photo shoot with the team. So much love to Julie Gueraseva, the wonderful creator of the mag, Joel Barhamand the photographer, my bff and make up artist Natalie Matias, and the rest of Laika team.

I also have to give a huge special thanks to Anita Krajnc from Toronto Pig Save who introduced me to Julie earlier this year after my first vigil. This never would have happened without you, so thank you!

The magazine has beautiful food and fashion photography, all vegan of course, and lots of inspiring stories and messages of animal advocacy and compassion. There’s even a feature on our friend Esther the wonder pig in this issue. We can’t believe we’re sharing the pages with this miraculous animal, not to mention Emily Deschanel!

To see our full 6-page feature you can order the magazine online!

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