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There are so many vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants opening up all the time, and I’ve noticed more options being added to menus at restaurants that still serve your typical fare. Which is huge. But finally Veggielicious is here! This is the first community restaurant event of its kind and it’s hitting Toronto from April 9 – 24. The cities best vegan/vegetarian restaurants will be offering special deals on meals to encourage people to get out and try eating great food that is free of animal products, heart healthy, compassionate, and eco-friendly. So if you think you could never eat vegetarian or vegan food – even for just one week – now’s your time to challenge yourself. Trust me, rather than go out and spend lots of money on groceries you might not be familiar with or start experimenting with cooking vegetarian/vegan, just get outside and try one of the Veggielicious restaurant offers and see just how delicious and satisfying this way of eating can be.

If you enjoy the menu items at places like Rawlicious, Live Organic Food Bar, and Vegetarian Haven maybe that will make a change in your mind and jumpstart some motivation to experiment with plant based meals at home. I’ve linked the restaurants listed above to my Yelp reviews for you to check out. While I eat at some of these places regularly, I’m so excited to venture outside my neighborhood and try some new places. Veggielicious is great excuse to do so! Most of the participating restaurants are in Toronto but I love the inclusion of Kind Food in Burlington and Brooklyn’s Restaurant in Thorold. I’ve heard amazing things about both and I plan on making a trip out there during this event.

If you go out to a yummy resto during Veggielicious please share your reviews with me or post to so we can spread the word and change the world, one eater at a time! For a full listing of participating restaurants and other info check out

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