what i ate in las vegas

what I ate in Las Vegas_hot for food

I bet y’all are excited to see this blog post recapping my trips to VEGAS! What comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas? Probably partying, craziness, and midnight chaos for starters. Well, I’m happy to confirm that there was a lot of vegan food in Las Vegas that matched this criteria. It was anything but ordinary, that’s for sure! Now, you know the drill. Here’s my hot for food approved list, plus the ones that didn’t quite make the cut.

hot for food approved


First up on this trip was Vegenation! They just so happened to invite me to host a weekend hot for food pop up to promote the hot for food cookbook and I obviously had to say YES! There was a special menu they made with Vegan Comfort Classics, but I had to take this opportunity to try their regular stuff. They serve up fresh street food gone vegan, so what’s not to love? I got the muchas gracias quesadilla, chicken and waffles, the CBD feel good tea and their bloody mary.

verdict: I was a big fan of this place! Mixing that CBD tea and bloody mary was a bold choice on my part, but honestly, no regrets.

Beyond Sausage

beyond sausage_Hot for food

You know if I include a grocery item or something I cooked at home in one of these posts, that means it was DAMN good! That’s totally the case with Beyond Sausage. It’s totally worth watching the vlog to see my live reaction while tasting it for the first time! Spoiler alert: these are freakin’ incredible. I don’t know what kind of sorcery goes on behind the scenes with this brand, but they need to keep it up. The sausages are crazy realistic!

verdict: if they’re available where you live, GO GET THEM ASAP. What I love is that they’re not as dense as other vegan sausages I’ve tried, which makes them extra realistic and enjoyable. Pile ‘em high with whatever fixings you like to enjoy it the way my friends and I did!

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant

chef kenny_hot for food

chef kenny_hot for food

When I hear about vegan food in Las Vegas that’s asian, you know ya girl is beelining to it! Chef Kenny’s is a perfect example of this! I dove into the hot & sour soup, veggie spring rolls, and spicy cajun shrimp which was my fave. And bonus, Chef Kenny came to say hi!

verdict: grab the shrimp if you visit, but skip out on the sushi.

Andrea’s (at Encore)

andreas_hot for food

This spot is housed within the Encore Resort! They’re damn genius and made sliders out of the Impossible Burger. These fun-sized cuties are 100% vegan and an absolute must-try! I also got the vegan spicy tofu sushi roll, wok fried broccoli, shitake and pepperoncini tempura, crispy ginger kabocha gyoza, basil “beef”, and vegetable crispy pan fried noodles.

verdict: OOF, the flavors here will knock your socks off. This isn’t for people who like bland, boring food!

Slice of Vegas

slice of vegas_hot for food

Obviously it was totally necessary that I scoured out some vegan pizza in Las Vegas. I didn’t waste any time digging into the vegan supreme pizza with additional pineapple! Pineapple goes on pizza, end of story. This is not up for debate, people! I washed it down with a sierra nevada beer and called it a day.

verdict: if you’re looking for a place in Vegas with vegan slices, this is the spot you’ve been looking for!

Terrace Pointe Cafe (at Wynn)

terrace point cafe_Hot for food

I love eating outdoors if it’s an option, so the Terrace Pointe Cafe made me one happy gal. I’ve been here a few times now, and always leave satisfied. In the vlog I had the spicy tofu scramble, a side of breakfast sausage, and vegan chick’n & waffles. After topping that last dish with a generous drizzle of maple syrup, it’s safe to say I left satisfied.

On another trip, I grabbed a key lime smoothie with a delightful avocado and soy milk base  We topped it off with Impossible burger sliders and called it a complete meal.

verdict: make sure you sit outside, cause the views of the pool are noiiiice!

Jardin (Wynn Encore)

jardin_hot for food

jardin_hot for food

Jardin is yet another one of 14 dining locations on-site at Encore that offers delicious vegan options. Timothy (aka MississippiVegan) and I opted for buffalo cauliflower, quinoa & avocado salad, and green pizza.

verdict: 10/10 vegan pizza dough and bonus points for the garden views.


tacotarian_hot for food

tacotarian_hot for food

Mexican food to feed the soul is exactly what Timmy and I got here. They served up takis elote, nachos & tacos de jamaica, and bean & cheese tacos. Our friends Jackie Sobon (aka VeganYackAttack) and Michael Monson (aka MonsonMadeThis) also joined the party to make sure we didn’t leave any leftovers!

verdict: it doesn’t get better than vegan Mexican dishes! You’ll identify as a true Tacotarian after visiting this one.

Wazuzu (Wynn Encore)

wazazu_hot for food

Another location on-site at the Wynn, Wazuzu, served up vegan california rolls, Gardein chick’n pot stickers, vegan fried rice and vegan drunken noodles. This left us wanting more, more, more!

verdict: a must-visit spot on-site at Wynn. Hearty, filling, and flavourful pan-asian flavours that are sure to satisfy any vegan eater.

Nacho Daddy

This was nacho average vegan menu – it offered so many savory options, we had to resist not ordering the entire menu. We decided on vegan skinny dip, vegan quesadillas, vegan chik’n quesadillas, and vegan chik’n chimichanga. Don’t forget the margaritas!

Verdict: The vegan dip is a hit. Thank me later.

Jinya Ramen Bar
jinya ramen_hot for food

Crispy brussels sprout tempura and spicy creamy vegan ramen left our bellies singing and our faces grinning. The menu claimed that  “Ramen is all the craze” and truly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

verdict: warm, comforting ramen in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. A great spot to spend a chill dinner with friends (or solo).

Wynn Encore Room Service

Room service itself is a game changer – but vegan room service is a whole new level. We indulged in vegan cheesy dip, a vegan cheese buger, french fries, and a classic chocolate shake. Timothy’s frequent happy dances confirmed that his first adult room service experience was a success.

verdict: double the comfort! Vegan food in Las Vegas is extra great when it’s comfort food from the comfort of your bed. Need I say more? Chalk up a point for eco straws, too.

Ronald’s Donuts

ronalds donuts_hot for food

Our last stop was another sweet treat, and Timothy’s face says it all – these donuts do not disappoint. Glazed and cream filled vegan goodies left us ending our trip on a sugar high.

verdict: make sure you order from the top two rows as they’re all vegan! Always order more than you think you’ll eat… we weren’t disappointed to have donut leftovers to munch on later. This is an authentic divey doughnut shop that’s totally worth visiting!

That concludes all the vegan food in Las Vegas that I tried out! I’m sure there’s lots more for me to scope out during my next trip. From doughnuts to pizza and everything in between, I certainly ate my heart out! Keep an eye for my future travel posts to see even more of my vegan adventures across the globe and be sure to pin the official hot for food approved list below to have it handy for your next Vegas adventure!

las vegas_hot for food

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