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Here’s another recap of an awesome trip I took with Timothy (aka MississippiVegan)! By now you know we’re the bestest travel buds. We spent an entire week in New Orleans so I could see his new home there, and we lived it up the entire time to say the least. From drinking boozy bevvy’s on the streets to my first ever meetup, it was one for the books! Here’s all the vegan food in New Orleans I got to enjoy!

hot for food approved

new orleans_hot for food
new orleans_hot for food

First up in New Orleans was MoPho! I love that name cause I can see why people would want MO of this stuff… the pho was amazing and I basically wanted to bathe in it. It had eggplant in it which typically I hate, but holy moly did I love it in this dish. We paired it up with some crispy vindaloo bites, crispy brussels and marinated tofu fresh rolls.

verdict: pho real, this place is a MUST-TRY in New Orleans! Thank me later.

Echo’s Pizza
new orleans_hot for food

Echo’s Pizza was our saving grace when we realized it was a holiday and not much was open! Luckily for us they had an eggplant sandwich that we got with no yogurt on it, and the miso pizza.

verdict: both were DELICIOUS! Miso in pizza is a new concept to me, but definitely one that I wish I knew of sooner. I think I might be incorporating this one into a future recipe idea!

I also tracked down even more kickass vegan food in New Orleans back in 2017! During this trip I got to stay at the Ace Hotel, which is a beautiful place to stay that I really recommend… especially their amazing pool!

Stumptown Coffee

Have ya ever heard of nitro coffee? Neither had I, until I visited Stumptown! It’s kind of carbonated, which makes it taste like a stout beer! It was a really nice change of pace from what I typically get at cafes!

verdict: a really neato place to visit if you’re in the area! Nitro coffee is officially something I’m a fan of!


Timmy and I had a huge variety of vegan eats at Seed! We got the artichoke cakes, caesar salad, sweet corn polenta, eggplant poboy, and biegnets. I was especially a big fan of the pobody, because it made me actually enjoy eating eggplant (again) which doesn’t happen too often! New Orleans seems to know eggplant. The bread was gigantic, soft and totally dreamy. I also LOVED the beignets! Although I can’t pronounce the word properly, I still have a wild love for these sugary lil’ devils.

verdict: everything here was really tasty! Seed is exactly what you need in your life.

Breads On Oak
new orleans_hot for food

I think one of the best things about being vegan is all the BREAD I get to eat! Definitely no complaints here. Timmy and I upped our carb game with the vegan almond croissant, veggie quiche, egg McVegan breakfast sandwich, pumpkin cheddar breakfast sandwich, strawberry cream cheese brioche, tofu banh mi, and tempeh BLT! Yes all of that, by way of repeat visits!

verdict: the pumpkin cheddar sandwich and quiche weren’t the best, BUT we do approve of the croissant and the McVegan sandwich! Definitely order those two if you visit and you’ll be in veggie heaven.

Pizza Delicious
what i ate in new orleans_hot for food
what i ate in new orleans_hot for food

I wasn’t super hungry when we visited here, but we still got some nibbles! We tried the braised brussels sprouts pizza without any cheese. The crust was amazing and super fresh, and we also tried the vegan roasted mushroom bolognese.

verdict: I’d love to return when I have more of an appetite, but was still glad to try the pizza and pasta!

Sneaky Pickle

new orleans_hot for food

what i ate in new orleans_hot for food

This place has such a cheeky name, and it was ADORABLE! So needless to say, I officially love Sneaky Pickle. They had a divine little patio where Timmy and I got to do a meet up with some of you. We really chowed down and had the fried tofu & cauliflower salad, vegan mac & cheese, pickled platter and OF COURSE some french fries!

verdict: Sneaky Pickle is the cutest! This was the perfect place to have some vegan food in New Orleans and meet some of y’all! 

Somethin’ SUPER New Orleans-y is getting a huge boozy drink and strolling the streets in the french quarter (touristy area)! I still find it wild that it was totally fine to walk around in public with a giant jungle juice daiquiri from Big Eats. What a concept! We snacked on some Zapps Spicy Cajun Crawtators chips (Timmy’s fave) afterwards, which were super flavorful and crunchy! This combo was the ultimate way to make the most of being in New Orleans.

tarot_hot for food

I was also super fortunate to get a tarot reading while in New Orleans from JP at Crescent City Conjure! You know I’m totally into that spiritual ish so it was a really neat opportunity. You can watch more about his insights in the vlog above! It was also a total must for us to go to the country club, because that’s what ya do when you’re in New Orleans! I love relaxing in the pool, especially if I’ve got great company like Timmy with me! Obvi I ordered french fries because I’m a fry connoisseur and get them everywhere I go.

I can safely say I got my fair share of vegan fun outta New Orleans! From walking the streets like a tourist drinking jungle juice to baked goods galore, this was an unreal trip. Make sure to pin my hot for food approved list so you know where to go the next time you visit!

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