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The #hotforfoodbooktour was a wild ride! I bopped all over the place so much, I could barely keep track of where I was sometimes. This vlog covers my stops in New York, Philly and Nashville, but you can read about my NY suggestions in this post! I’ll be covering all the vegan food in Philadelphia and Nashville in this post, so let’s jump right in!

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V Street (Philadelphia)

It was Friday when we arrived in Philly, so we partied it up and went to V Street! I ended up sitting next to a gal from my meetup which made me so happy. It’s always a delight to meet my #hotforfoodies! We got the kung pao cucumbers and they were super fresh and zesty. Then we got the KFT and cauliflower ‘65’ tacos! The cauli tacos were suspiciously similar to fish tacos which are always a crowd fav, so needless to say, we looooved them. As a little down fall, we accidentally ordered the wrong spicy dan dan noodles and they almost made me cry from how hot they were! I still managed to get a few bites in, though. 

verdict: this place was amazing, and definitely some of the best vegan food in Philadelphia we had! I’m for sure going back the next time I’m in the city.

The Tasty (Philadelphia)

vegan food in philadelphia_hot for food

vegan food in philadelphia_hot for food

The next day, we grabbed some brunch to start the day! Lots of people had recommended this place and I can definitely see why. I had an oatly latte which was warm, creamy, and comforting. For noms, we had the spinach and “soysage” scramble with tater tots, and straight up french toast. 

verdict: the true Canadian in me could sniff out that this syrup wasn’t the good authentic stuff. But it still hit the spot!

Avo (Nashville)

vegan food in nashville_hot for food

vegan food in nashville_hot for food

nashville_hot for food

Our next destination after Philadelphia was Nashville, because I had a TV show there! That means I had an excuse to eat a ton MORE vegan foods, which obviously I wasn’t upset about. Avo had a really neat menu, and it was difficult to narrow down our options! We settled on the kimchi spring rolls which were super thick and flavorful. We also got a walnut patty burger with a kale caesar salad that was gigantic! A giant heaping salad probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about me, but I loved this one. And on top of that… we got a vegan cheese board. I highly recommend it, cause a belly full of faux cheeses had me cheesin’ for the rest of the day!

verdict: delicious stuff and make sure you wash down all this amazing food with a draft kombucha! 

Five Daughters Bakery (Nashville) 

Doughnuts are always a must-buy when I’m on the road, and these ones were MASSIVE! I resisted the temptation to order every single flavor, so be proud of me. We got four flavors, but the one you’ll see me chomping on in the vlog was vegan strawberry!

verdict: ya can’t go wrong with gigantic, soft vegan doughnuts. Am I right?

The Frothy Monkey (Nashville)

Mid-day caffeine boosts are always on my agenda, so we stopped at The Frothy Monkey! It was a super cute coffee house that was warm and cozy inside. I felt right at home! Usually cafe’s aren’t much to boast about in these travel blogs, but the almond latte I had here was SO. GOOD.

verdict: totally worth stopping in for some top of the line caffeine!

The Wild Cow (Nashville)

nashville_hot for food

nashville_hot for food

In East Nashville, there were a bunch of vegan restaurants in one spot. It was hard to choose where to go, but that’s definitely a GOOD problem to have. They had a REALLY good philly cheesesteak sandwich, but I shamelessly think mine is better. There was also a side of roasted veggies with aioli that was simple but delish! Last up, we had the peanut tempeh tacos which were the best tacos in Nashville we managed to find.

verdict: why aren’t you eating there right now?

Graze (Nashville)

nashville_hot for food

nashville_hot for food

Yes, we visited this place directly after eating at The Wild Cow. We went a lil’ crazy, okay?! It was our mission to try as much vegan food in Nashville as we possibly could. We loaded up on their loaded potatoes with cheese, sour cream and guac, and their mac and cheese with chorizo on it. Carb city, bish! 

verdict: we took a decent portion of this on the go, but nonetheless, both dishes are a must-try if you’re a comfort food freak like me.

Koko’s Ice Cream (Nashville)

We were STILL on a roll finding vegan food in Nashville, and rolled up to Koko’s for some dessert. They weren’t open at the time, but opened just for us! The owners were super sweet and let us try a huge variety of the flaves available. My favorite was the mint chocolate chip. And by favorite, I mean I was completely and utterly obsessed with it.

verdict: I loved this stuff because it was FAR from bland. The flavors really stood out in this smooth and creamy sweet treat!

That’s the scoop on vegan food in Philadelphia and Nashville! Mostly everything I ate in both of these cities during the #hotforfoodbooktour was a vegan dream of sorts. If you want to read more about what I ate on tour, check out my posts on New York, Los Angeles, Halifax, and San Diego!

philadelphia nashville_hot for food

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