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what I ate in Miami_hot for food

A super cool opportunity I got to be a part of was the Seed Food & Wine festival in 2017! This took place in sunny Florida, so it basically became the tropical vegan weekend of my dreams. Here’s all the vegan food in Miami that I got to eat, and all of my top recommendations. I’ve also included a few bonus restaurants that I checked out on a separate trip, so keep on reading!

hot for food approved

bunny cakes_hot for food

My birthday was during this fun-filled weekend, so the gals took me to Bunnie Cakes Studios as a surprise! We got to design our own cupcakes which was super fun. Can ya guess which ones I made? (Hint: they’re not the prettiest… I’m better at making cupcakes with homemade vegan buttercream!)

vegan food in miami_hot for food

Della Bowls

To even out our sugar high, we figured some veggie-packed bowls from Della Bowls would do the trick! The Caribbean Bowl we ate had black coconut rice, panelle (aka chickpea fritters), plantain, kale, avocado, toasted coconut, and yellow sauce. The Forbidden Bowl had a similar base of black coconut rice, but was covered in fresh greens, tempeh, broccoli, sweet potato, raw roots, almonds, and gold sauce. These 2 out of the 3 were my fave bowls!

verdict: for a healthy, nourishing bowl that also tastes great, Della is the place to be!

The Lone Wolfe

vegan food in miami_hot for food

Obvi some beer and tacos were necessary to celebrate the festival being a huge success! I got both the plantain and coconut curry tofu tacos from here. The truck was set up in The Wynwood Yard, a must visit outdoor space in Miami.

verdict: if I were to go again, I’d skip out on the plantain tacos! The coconut curry tofu ones are all you need to get for your Mexican food fix. 

Atlas Meat-Free Deli

miami_hot for food

vegan food in miami_hot for food

Waffle fries are so much more fun than regular fries! We got the waffle fries from here that were loaded with island mac sauce, vegan pastrami, BBQ sauce, garlic aioli, and pickled jalapeños. We also had the cobb salad with fried vegan chicken. The pineapple cilantro popsicle wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, though! 

verdict: if you’re a comfort foodie like me, Atlas is the place to be.

I also took a more recent trip to Miami, but I didn’t vlog it! I figured I’d give you an insider’s scoop on the places I visited and a few extra spots for the “hot for food approved” Miami list.

The Standard Miami 

This is where I got to stay during my second trip, and I definitely recommend it. It’s a great motel/hotel accommodation that has spa services, which is always a bonus. They also have a Turkish Hammam (a type of bath)!

Planta Miami

what I ate in Miami_hot for food

I’ve been to this restaurant many times in Toronto, so I was pumped to visit the Miami location and see what they had on the menu. Certain items they offer are the same, but there’s also some unique dishes with a local flare!

verdict: if you’re searching for vegan food in Miami, it’s totally worth the trip to see what Chef David Lee is cookin’ up!

L’Artisane Vegan Bakery 

what I ate in Miami_hot for food

This is a super neat spot because it’s the first French bakery to open in the U.S.! I literally ate my weight in vegan croissants with no shame. If you didn’t already know, I have a very serious and slightly extreme obsession with vegan croissants. These ones were freakin’ unbelievable.

verdict: it’s honestly worth making a trip to Miami just to eat these.

 what I ate in Miami_hot for food

Between my recent trip and my adventures at Seed Wine & Food Festival, Miami is one for the books! This booming city kept me a full and happy food blogger the entire time I was there. Get your butt down there ASAP and make sure to bring back a vegan croissant (or 12) for me!

miami_hot for food approved

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