what i ate at vegan beer festival

what I ate at vegan beer fest_hot for food

This post is a 2-in-1, because I took a trip to visit both Portland and L.A. for Vegan Beer Festival, now dubbed Eat Drink Vegan! If you’re interested in attending (which I highly recommend), you can get tickets for the next one in L.A. on June 22 here. Now let’s jump into all the crazy food at vegan beer festival I got to enjoy!

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Have ya ever had a breakfast pizza? If not, Sizzle Pie should officially be on your vegan bucket list. I got a slice of what they call “Drugs Benedict”. It’s loaded with white bean spread, tofu cheese, bacon bits, hash browns and fresh green onion. It was one SERIOUS slice that was the size of my face and you bet your butt I ate it all. It was the ideal way to start my day at vegan beer festival!

beer festival_hot for food

The Herbivorous Butcher was next up on my list, which has been featured on the Food Network with Guy Fieri! You know a vegan spot is freakin’ amazing when it’s flavatown-approved. They had a wild fried seitan chicken with waffles and potatoes, and I was more than happy to dive into it. Did someone say food coma?!

what I ate at vegan beer fest_hot for food

To keep the vegan beer festival party going, I stopped by Of Roots and Blooms for what some people have called the BEST mac and cheese ever! This recipe had beer in it, which you know I’m never gonna say no to. Some unique features included being served on top of spinach (extra points for greens), and a crushed pretzel topping. It was gooey, cheesy, and basically everything you want your mac and cheese to be.

beer festival_hot for food

When I visited Portland for this festival, Virtuous Pie had just opened! Since then, I’ve also visited their in-person Vancouver location which you can read more about in this blog post. The cavoletto slice I ordered had dijon brussels, caramelized onion, shiitake bacon, crumbled vegan feta, chili and a white cashew-based garlic sauce.

beer festival_hot for food

Next up from vegan beer festival: a few sweets that I really enjoyed! I had sweet potato korokkes with tamarind sauce from Obon, which were unlike anything I’ve ever had before!

On top of that, I tried an organic chocolate donut from Donut Farm. It was pretty scrumptious considering it was baked! (I usually jive more with fried doughnuts). The last sweet treat of the festival was a chocolate and coconut swirl soft serve cone from Kind Kreme. It looked exactly like the type of soft serve I use to get from an ice cream truck as a kid, and tasted even BETTER!

I wrapped it all up with three more delicious creations: taco rolls from Vila Vegan, mac n’ cheese balls with dill and chipotle ranch from Snackrilege, and pretzel bites with cheddar sauce and coconut bacon from Heidi Ho!


If you’re ever looking for a reason to visit L.A, Eat Drink Vegan is the perfect excuse! This vegan beer festival also takes place in June, so you can soak up some rays while chowing down on unreal vegan food. I definitely was feelin’ the heat while I was there, so I didn’t eat as much as I did in Portland… but I still got my fair share of dream-worthy dishes. Did I mention all the BEER that’s available, too?! Here’s everything I got my hands on while I was there!

beer festival_hot for food

I jumped right on the comfort food train as soon as I got there and had some mac and cheese waffles from Clara Cakes. All I said while eating this was “mmm” and “OMG” because genuinely, that’s all that needed to be said. Mac and cheese and waffles are a game-changing combo!

beer festival_hot for food

vegan beer festival_hot for food

The first beer of vegan beer festival was a Kolsch beer from Dr. Jekyll’s. Apparently this brand has natural fat burners in it, which HELLO?! Sign me up, please. If drinking beer while burning fat is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Hot tip: if you wanna be sneaky like me and save a bit of $$$ at vegan beer festival, just snatch a bite from your friends’ food! I got to try the cinnamon churros with chocolate sauce dip from Mohawk Bend and they were hot hot hot! Sweet fried dough is pretty much always a winner if you ask me. Thanks to Andre (aka unhealthyvegan) for letting me swipe some of his!

vegan beer festival_hot for food

I was sweatin’ my ass off the entire day at vegan beer festival, so a cocktail and popsicle from Buddy Pops really hit the spot. They served beer and tomato juice cocktails with a watermelon lime popsicle to dunk in it! This isn’t your typical combo, but it still gets two thumbs up from me. 

Riding on the wave of frozen treats, I also stopped at NadaMoo! which I’ve read about online. They make coconut-based ice cream, but the product didn’t have an overwhelming coconut flavor which I loved. This mint chip goodness melted a little quicker than I would have liked, but delicious nonetheless.

vegan beer festival_hot for food

Next up, I visited Falasophy for their spicy modern tacos. I expected the actual falafel and fillings to have a spiciness factor to them, but it mainly came from the pickled jalapeños on top. Eating those straight is too hot for me, so that took away a bit of excitement. Regardless, these are something worth taco’ing about!

When someone hands you free mac and cheese, obvi you snatch it up! I got to try a sample of the mac & yeese from Eat Your Greens. It definitely wasn’t as comfort-foody as something like my mac and cheese recipe, but more of a healthy take. That definitely isn’t a downside at ALL (healthy foods are important!), but it isn’t the kind of thing that would put you in a carb coma.

vegan beer festival_hot for food

I expected to get full at a vegan food festival, but it’s honestly tragic! If only I could just grow a new stomach to fit all the food I wanted to eat while I was there. I drank kombucha as a lil’ palette cleanser. The last thing I managed to eat was fried brussels sprouts with pesto aioli from Rabbit Hole Foods! I figured ending my day of gluttony with a vegetable was a wise choice. The brussels were fried, salted and covered in sauce, but they still count as a veggie! They were super tasty.

It’s safe for me to say that Eat Drink Vegan in L.A. and Portland were huge successes! Everything I got to munch, whether a free sample or a full sized order, was incredible. It was also super fun to meet followers of hot for food and fellow vegan content creators! If you attend vegan beer festival this year or in the future, let me know which spots were your fav so I can check them out next time.

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