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CHFA east_hot for food

We had a unique opportunity to attend the canadian health food association trade show in toronto thanks to our friends at vega who hooked us up with passes! Watch our little video of everything we saw… and ate!

Typically these trade shows are just for retail industry, but going as bloggers proved to be kind of interesting. We found some cool vegan products to use in our recipes, made some connections with great vegan brands, and brought back a bunch of snacks for you! We’ll be doing a giveaway of almost all of the products we grabbed at chfa east on instagram so check that out. Here’s a few of our favourite products that will be in your very own hot for food snack box.

kettle chips

These are 3 new products to satisfy any snack attack! This new flavour of kettle brand popcorn is unbelievable and no animals were harmed making that smoky maple bacon flavour.

Even though chef Chuck Hughes is pretty much anti-vegan his new srirachup chips with neal brothers foods happens to be vegan friendly. Thanks Chuck! And we know how obsessed you are with sriracha.

Lastly, a very unique chip flavour from deep river snacks will have you delightfully confused. These peach habanero tortilla chips pair up perfectly with our super guacamole.

fig newtons

These cute little fig newton’s from nature’s bakery have popped up in 3 new flavours that will hit canadian shelves in late October. Obviously, we tried them all – lemon, mango, and strawberry – and approve!


We’ve been seeing coconut chips every where, but these sweet and spicy coconut chips from bare snacks takes the cake. The pieces of coconut are pretty large and thick, which is hard to to find in coconut flakes, they’re really crunchy, and the flavour is award winning (in our minds). Now we make a pretty mean coconut bacon, but you could easily crumble these on a salad or b.l.t. sandwich, or just eat them right out of the bag!

natera hemp hearts_hot for food

We think flavoured hemp seeds is a genius product idea and canadian company natera did it! We think the himalayan pink salt ones would be a lovely topping to the big taco salad and the maple flavour would make the pumpkin pie smoothie just out of control! We’re giving you both flavours as well as the natural version to try.

go-veggie parmesan_hot for food

It’s not new, but go veggie! parmesan topping is a staple at hot for food headquarters! We love it and it takes exactly like the real thing. Use it on top of the perfect lasagnamac and cheese, and the kale caesar salad and you’ll be in cheese heaven!


Now don’t be skeptical, this vegan rice whip topping is actually pretty good. We don’t advise squirting it directly into your mouth and eating it plain, but mixed with fruit, chocolate pudding, or on top of a vegan milkshake, or piece of pie it does it’s job well. The company even told us they’re working on trying to get it in a “certain huge worldwide coffee chain.” Imagine that!

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