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If you’re trying to limit the amount of gluten and sugar (and all that good stuff) out of your vegan life… read no further. But every vegan’s got to indulge once and a while and if you’re going to do it you might as well not skimp. Disgraceland in Toronto is the place to go for good greasy vegan grub.

disgraceland_hot for food

disgraceland_hot for food

Are you drooling over those pictures yet?

So, the vegan rib-wich has become some what of an infamous dish in the city. While we haven’t ate our entire way through the menu, I’m pretty sure this has to be one of the best things on it! It’s a deep fried veggie patty smothered in bbq sauce, stacked on top of coleslaw, thick avocado slices, and cushioned between a super soft kaiser bun.

disgraceland_hot for food

The other major highlight on the menu is the “kfc-style” popcorn tofu. I mean you can fry anything and it’ll taste good but whatever they’ve done to create such an amazing crunchy batter is genius.

This place is great because you can go here with non-vegans. The menu is fully omnivorous with the exception of a few exclusively vegan-only dishes, like the rib-wich, but nearly every item on the extensive menu can be made vegan as well. They’ve even got a home made vegan double chocolate cake made with stout and whiskey too. We vow to go just for this one day soon!

verdict: the best place to be bad. We’re declaring it the best vegan diner-style food in toronto! And for the record we do plan on eating our way through their menu.

update (august 2014): since going back to disgraceland a couple more times to try more of the menu, we’ve been very disappointed by the service and the lack of pizazz in the quality of the food. We must have lucked out the first 2 visits or something has changed, but it’s no longer the same.

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