the best vegan comfort food

This is my bread and butter! Basically, everything I eat has some comforting element to it, which I guess can be a subjective thing? But I’m taking part in a blogger round-up with some of my fellow creators and I wanted to bring you the best of the best vegan comfort food from across the internet and maybe introduce you to some new resources for recipes!

best vegan comfort food

Thanks to Michelle Cehn of World of Vegan and Toni Okamoto of Plant-Based on a Budget for organizing this collaboration! Now get scrolling and start drooling about what you’re going to make for your next comforting vegan meal.

the recipes

When it comes to the best vegan comfort food you have to include a hot and savory pot pie. Am I right? This creamy, cozy Mushroom Potato Pot Pie with tofu and onion, rosemary and sage is from Healthy Happy Life. Creator Kathy Patalsky is the author of 2 great cookbooks and has definitely been around the vegan block. Just look at that crust on the pot pie y’all! She definitely knows what’s up. While it would be an epic centerpiece for the holiday season, I say eat this whenever you want! What a filling, scrumptious meal any day of the week.

mushroom-potato-pot-pie-vegan-happy healthy life

I myself have wanted to find a vegan chiles rellenos recipe, so thank you to Dora’s Table for contributing this one to the list! Like a lot of great vegan comfort food, ya gotta deep fry these babies, but overall the recipe looks pretty simple to follow. Dora suggests her favorite vegan cheese to use for this recipe, but I think I might use the Kite Hill ricotta! That stuff is epic if you can find it.


The wonderful couple, Andrew and Larisha, from Make It Dairy Free, have nailed the quick and creamy pasta we all crave, like, all of the time! Pull yourself together and get psyched for this easy vegan one-pot creamy garlic parmesan pasta. I think we can all agree, we needed this yesterday! Pasta is arguably THE best vegan comfort food, period. And this pasta dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, even for the ones who aren’t vegan. They’ll appreciate a non-dairy indulgence like this, that doesn’t backfire on them later, if ya know what I mean!


We can tie the creamy garlic parmesan pasta together with a recipe from Caitlin Shoemaker at From My Bowl. Her vegan chicken piccata is the perfect comfort food to pair with that luscious pasta. It’s got a traditional lemon caper sauce and uses one of my go-to vegan products. The Gardein chick’n scallopini cutlets are delicious and versatile—they also brown up nicely too! You could serve this one with a big salad – I suggest a caesar – or with more of a plain spaghetti tossed in garlic, olive oil, and chili flakes. Caitlin also offers an option of using tofu cutlets as well if you can’t find Gardein or it isn’t your thing.


You can never have too much garlic if you’re looking for the best vegan comfort food! The Banana Diaries has a recipe that makes yet another great side for the previous Italian delights. This cheesy garlic pull-apart bread is calling my name… loudly! Soft, chewy, gooey, and “cheesy,” this garlic bread recipe is truly one to save and make over and over again. I also love the addition of fresh rosemary!

vegan-garlic-bread-cheesy-pull-apart-bread_the banana diaries

These recipes for the best vegan comfort food are covering all kinds of different cuisines! As they should, because comfort food is a common denominator for all cultures. Getting southern now with Shane & Simple, here’s a recipe for a cheesy vegan grits bowl with bbq soy curls and kale. Oh boy! You know I love those soy curls. They’re so meaty, filling, and can absorb any flavors you like. This recipe has a few components, but it’s definitely one you can prep ahead of time and have the grits, pickled onions, and even the bbq soy curls on hand for a convenient weeknight dinner. Even skip making a bbq sauce from scratch and use a vegan-friendly one from the store to save on time.

vegan-grits-bbq-soy-curls_shane & simple

As a personal stan of vegan chicken nuggies, I had to include this epic recipe from World of Vegan. This is the ultimate vegan chicken and waffles recipe and I totally approve of eating this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! This one is a no-brainer but of course, you do need to own a waffle iron. Here’s the one I have. I suggest getting one asap because if you’re not waffling stuff in your kitchen you’re truly missing out on some magic. A waffle maker can be an inexpensive kitchen investment too. You don’t need to get a top-of-the-line one to make your waffle dreams come true.

vegan-chicken-and-waffles_world of vegan

I doubt you need much convincing to make a vegan chocolate pie, but if you do I think a creamy vegan chocolate pie made with only 4 ingredients would be it! Plant-Based on a Budget is delivering a magnificent-looking, fuss-free chocolate pie recipe to round out this round-up with the perfect comforting dessert. The best part of all? This recipe uses a pre-made / store-bought pie crust! This means it’s dummy-proof too. A lot of store-bought pie crusts are graham cracker and happen to be vegan-friendly. Woo hoo! And don’t be skeptical of using silken tofu as the base for this creamy pie. Once you add a load of chocolate in there you can’t tell what you’re eating!


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