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cheesy brussels sprout tots

cheesy brussels sprout tots_hot for food

I’m obsessed with tots and whipped up this healthy-ish version with brussels sprouts in my latest RECIPE?! episode!

The inspo…

“Napoleon, gimme some of your tots…”

“No, go find your own!”

If you didn’t know… Napoleon Dynamite is my spirit animal.

Keeping in mind this whole idea came out of thin air as part of the YouTube series RECIPE?! I don’t have the exact measurements but I think it’s fairly close!

cheesy brussels sprout tots_hot for food

cheesy brussels sprout tots_hot for food


  • v 3 years ago

    Hi! Love your blog and videos, I’m posting this here because I’m not sure where else to put it….

    Whenever I’m on your blog for more than a few minutes the page will change from to a full page ad at a different URL. The ads are things like ‘you’ve won a prize…" "xyz says you need to order this now" "order this and get…" etc. I think they may be scams. I can’t use the back arrows either, I have to open a new webpage and come back to the blog and x out of the ad page, It happens on your blog with both my devices and not on any other web pages. Wanted to let you know about this problem.

  • Robin Swails 3 years ago

    hi! quick question. when i put the brussels in the oil the batter falls off almost completely. any tips to prevent this?

  • Awesta 3 years ago

    This was amaze-balls!! Served it with the cashew pesto but it tasted even better with this chipotle aioli I had made!!

  • Christian 3 years ago

    Relatively simple and delicious! One tip is to definitely be sure that the Brussels sprouts are fork tender when taking out of the oven. If they’re too tough it becomes extremely hard to eat when finished. Good recipe!

  • Lash 2 years ago

    Just great!

  • Kathleen Shattuck 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. These tips are very useful! Oh, I don’t have any milk, otherwise I would do it .

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