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the vegan naked chicken chalupa (taco bell copy cat)

the vegan naked chicken chalupa_hot for food_hot for food

The naked chicken chalupa is a brand new menu item from Taco Bell! So new, you might have no idea it exists yet. And of course I HAD to make it vegan (and better, duh)! What on earth is a chalupa you ask? Well traditionally it’s fried or baked masa dough resembling more of a tostada-like thing, but this concoction is just borrowing the name and of course isn’t much like its authentic origin. But I bet this is WAY more delicious, just sayin’!

Anyway, the vegan copy-cat of the naked chicken chalupa all goes down in the latest challenge video, the fast food challenge. Watch the madness in the video below or keep scrolling for the recipe!

the vegan naked chicken chalupa_hot for food_hot for food


  • Tenn 3 years ago

    I am in love with this new recipe! Im going to try it this weekend!

    • Lauren Toyota 3 years ago

      Enjoy 😀

  • Michelle 3 years ago

    I vote for this one! you are clever. The fries look bomb too

  • Miranda Leyva 3 years ago

    Under the Avo Ranch, I believe there is a part missing after the 1/2 Tbsp. Idk 🙊🙊

  • Debbie 3 years ago

    I love both recipes, thank you both so very much! The chalupas are a new and unusual idea so I will have to give them the vote. Not to mention how difficult it was to get the shells correct… Thanks guys!

  • Jessica 3 years ago

    They don’t sell the Gardein Scallopini where I live. Any ideas for a replacement? It’s way too expensive to by online.

  • Cora Thomas 2 years ago

    Chalupa for sure that was cool!!

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