taco tuesday

taco tuesday

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week because it’s Taco Tuesday! And let’s be real… it’s the stuff Instagram dreams are made of. Everyone loves a good taco photo!

Get planning that taco party with my best vegan taco recipes. And you can even have tacos for breakfast. Check this list of the 5 best vegan tacos for breakfast over on vegkitchen.com!

the big taco salad

The big taco salad is a lighter take on the traditional taco, but it packs a protein punch with black beans and corn. Plus this cilantro cream dressing makes a tangy and fresh addition. Get the recipe.

the best vegan big taco salad recipe

grilled cauliflower tacos with avocado crema

Cauliflower is the cool kid on the block now! I’m also a fan of #holla4thecolla if you’re tagging your photos on Instagram. The cauliflower and mango slaw is crunchy and delicious and the drizzle of avocado crema makes such a refined looking taco, doesn’t it? But, I won’t judge if you drink it too!  Get the recipe.

grilled cauliflower tacos with mango slaw_hot for food

easy vegan tacos

These don’t need much of an intro. They’re just easy vegan tacos and they’re a huge hit on Youtube. It’s seasoned veggie ground round and a quick homemade salsa and cream drizzle. You’ll be on the couch watching Netflix faster than you can say Taco Tuesday!

WATCH the recipe here. 

easy vegan tacos_hot for food

butternut squash tacos with jalapeño ranch

I created these because I was mildly obsessed with the squash tacos at Fresh Restaurants (only those in the Toronto area would know what I’m talking about!). But I knew we could make them better… voila. Crispy morsels of battered butternut squash and a hot jalapeño ranch sauce on top. Hot like, it’s sexy… but it’s not too hot for the tongue! Get the recipe.

butternut squash tacos_hot for food

crazy vegan guac tacs

Inspired by my favourite episode of Portlandia – Around The World in 80 Plates – I made what I thought Craig’s Crazy Guac Tacs should look like. Lime holders and all! Drop it like it’s hot with these crazy vegan guac tacs and blow everyone’s mind on Taco Tuesday.

WATCH the recipe here.

crazy vegan guac tacs_hot for food

raw walnut meat tacos

For those that don’t want the vegan mock meat etc. these raw walnut meat tacos are your new best friends! They’re delicious, spicy, healthy and just as comforting! Get the recipe.

raw walnut meat tacos_hot for food

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