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vegan chop salad with creamy herb dressing

vegan chop salad with creamy herb dressing_hot for food

This delicious salad recipe was inspired by my latest travels to Los Angeles. It’s a vegan haven that’s for sure, but on so many menus I came across a vegan chop salad. It usually didn’t have as much variety as I’ve included in my rendition but it was fresh and filling. Feel free to add any other chopped up veggies that you like too!

So many people complain about eating salads, but it’s really not rocket science! I always make sure to use ingredients that I genuinely enjoy eating. If you hate celery, don’t add celery! It’s that simple! Dressing is also a huge factor of what makes or breaks a bowl of greens. This creamy herb dressing is a real winner, and when tossed throughout the salad makes every bite is hella tasty!

vegan chop salad with creamy herb dressing_hot for food


  • Lisa 4 years ago

    This has quickly become one of my favorite go to salads. Super filling with a dressing to die for. My carnivor husband love it too! Loving all your recipes and videos!

    • Lauren Toyota 4 years ago

      thanks Lisa! So glad you can share it with your husband too 🙂

  • Laura Lee 3 years ago

    Wow…I love this dressing! Its perfect because it dose not contain soy which my husband has a sensitivity to and it does not contain cashews which are very expensive, so I try not to buy them. My husband and I do not like dill or parsley so I decide to add 1/4 tsp coriander powder instead.

    I use this dressing to make a ceasar salad. I just add equal amounts of chopped kale and romaine hearts, green onions, coconut bacon flakes and gluten free croutons (I have celiac disease). The brand of gluten free croutons I buy are actually too crunchy. Their like trying to chew on a rock. Not sure if all gluten free brands are like this. I would suggest for people wanting to try this version of ceasar salad to add your croutons to the dressing and let them soak for a round 15 minutes in it before adding the dressing to your salad. That will make the croutons less crunchy. I have never tried your caesar salad recipe, because my husband does not like garlic very much.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful dressing. You’ve made me excited to have salads again.

  • Ellesha Wanigasekera 3 years ago

    This dressing is the BOMB. Much smoother than a cashew dressing. Salad is excellent too, very filling and flavourful.

  • Taylah 2 years ago

    Oh my god. I never comment on recipes, but I have to for this recipe. This salad and dressing are the fucking bomb. I’m eating it right now, I’m getting pretty full, but I’m definitely going eat the rest.

    Kudos Lauren!

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