vegan comfort classics:
101 recipes to feed your face

hot for food vegan comfort classics

A fun and irreverent take on vegan comfort food that’s saucy, sweet, sassy, and most definitely deep-fried, from YouTube sensation Lauren Toyota of hot for food. 

Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face is a BESTSELLER! The week of release it was the #1 selling cookbook in America according to Nielsen BookScan, ranked in the Top 100 overall books on, and ranked #3 on the Globe and Mail Best Sellers List in Canada.

vegan comfort classics - hot for food

about the book

In this bold collection of more than 100 recipes, the world of comfort food and vegan cooking collide as Lauren Toyota shares her favorite recipes and creative ways to make Philly cheesesteak, fried chicken, and mac ‘n’ cheese, all with simple vegan ingredients. Never one to hold back, Lauren piles plates high with cheese sauce, ranch, bacon, and barbecue sauce, all while sharing personal stories and tips in her engaging and hilarious voice. The result is indulgent, craveworthy food – like Southern Fried Cauliflower, The Best Vegan Ramen, and Raspberry Funfetti Pop Tarts – made for sharing with friends at weeknight dinners, weekend brunches, and beyond.

so what's in this book anyway?

  • 80% brand new, never before seen recipes for the kind of kick-ass gourmet vegan comfort food you’ve come to expect from hot for food
  • some of your fave hot for food recipes you’ve come to love and devour
  • hot tips from the vegan queen herself on how to transform dishes again and again so nothing goes to waste
  • laugh out loud at the stories, tid bits, and sarcasm from your fave vegan
  • full color design with photographs for every recipe in the book, plus detailed step by step instructions
  • incredibly graphic photos of Lauren Toyota feeding her face (ok, not that graphic, but they’re kinda hot)
vegan comfort classics - hot for food

what are people saying?

The debut cookbook from YouTube sensation Lauren Toyota of hot for food has readers salivating over its veganized takes on indulgent dishes (what did we do before mac and cheese onion rings?)
Lauren's Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics provides so many wildly indulgent comfort food recipes--like Mac & Cheese Onion Rings and Stuffed Crust Pizza--all without a lick of animal products! I'm willing to bet there's something in here to tempt even the biggest plant-based skeptic.
In Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face the YouTube superstar Lauren Toyota fends off skeptics with a lineup of indulgent-by-any-standards classics: Southern fried cauliflower, sweet potato gnocchi, spicy peanut noodles, fudgy brownies, apple fritters. She understands better than anyone that multiple layers of flavor and texture are crucial when you’re not allowed to fall back on butter and bacon fat.
This book is beautiful. It’s filled with mouthwatering photos of over-the-top dishes. Every dish looks like it was made to be showed off on Instagram. Just like in her videos, Toyota keeps her book casual and conversational, with chapters like “Badass Brunches,” “Oodles of Noodles” and “Get Saucy.” This ain’t your crunchy granola-filled hippy dippy vegan cookbook.
Lauren is a renegade and hugely responsible for showing the world how incredible plant-based foods can be. Her dedication and out-of-the-box brilliance for vegan cooking is in a league of its own. Good luck eating any other vegan food after you try hot for food recipes, because it just does not get any tastier than this. This is basically a bible. Lauren Toyota is above the law.
No matter where you fall on the plant-based spectrum, Lauren's creations will immediately appeal to that side of you that craves crispy fried goodness, a sticky-gooey sugar hit, an unabashedly large and delicious serving of carbs, or just something that reminds you of bacon. And we all have that side!
I’m not vegan, and I do eat meat, but I rarely cook it at home. So I’m very, very excited to dive into this new vegan cookbook that is brimming with hearty meals that are vegan, but 100% comforting and satisfying. The hardest part is choosing which recipe to make first. Maybe The Best Vegan Ramen? Or Raspberry Funfetti Pop Tarts!
In this excellent book of hearty, bold recipes, Toyota makes good on her promise to offer “indulgent, not pious” vegan fare.
Lauren has absolutely nailed this cookbook. Vegans looking to up their cooking game, or those hoping to try plant-based eating for the first time will be blown away at the creativity of these recipes. From basic sauces and doughs to the most delicious-looking veggie burgers and cakes, this book has it all. The photos and recipes don't disappoint!
Lauren is a genius when it comes to plant-based cooking. Who would have ever thought that recipes like French Toast Coffee Cake, Mac & Cheese Onion Rings, and Stuffed Crust Pizza would be in a vegan cookbook! Hot for Food has become my favorite YouTube channel and I'm so excited to cook everything from Lauren's book.
Thought being vegan was just about eating salads, quinoa and acai bowls? Were you dreading giving up your hangover cures of greasy fry ups and cheese-loaded burgers? Think again. Lauren Toyota of Hot for Food, offers indulgent recipes for comforting, vegan classics such as herb-loaded sausage rolls, courgette-onion bhajis, fudge brownies and waffle-topped cottage pies. With enough suggestions to make any mealtime epic, share with friends or keep all to yourself.
Lauren Toyota’s vegan bacon mac and cheese will blow you away!

about the author

Lauren Toyota is a former MuchMusic VJ and MTV Canada host and a YouTube sensation. Her channel and blog, hot for food, attract a wide and engaged audience of young people curious about how to make vegan food fast and fun. She lives in Toronto, Canada.

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