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My Canadian friends decided to tie the knot in Switzerland, so lucky me got to visit! Eating vegan here wasn’t too challenging, but I was definitely thankful for a few key places that became my go-to’s. Read all about it below!

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Hiltl Restaurant (Zurich)

Hiltl had sooo many options for me to eat! They had all types of cuisines to choose from, so I decided to grab a bunch of bites of different things to create a meal. Here’s the lowdown of what I got: tofu cheese ravioli, a zucchini fritter, soy yogurt dill sauce, artichokes, braised fennel, roti, artichoke, thai soy salad, cucumbers, and beer battered onion rings! For dessert I got mango mousse which was totally out of this world. I LOVED IT.

verdict: Hiltl has a ton of options for vegans which is always a delight, especially if you’re hungry from travelling! Just make sure to look for vegan labelling and you’re good to go.

Coop City (supermarket chain)

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Ohhh you know I love a good vegan grocery store! It’s super neat to grab products from brands that I can’t get in Canada. Coop was an ideal way for me to grab vegan food in Switzerland because they had so many options! From vegan chicken nuggets to cheeses to chia pudding, they had a seriously stocked inventory! I visited both the smaller location as well as the full-sized store while I was in Switzerland. It was hard to not buy literally everything they had in stock! But you can check out what I did buy in this haul video.

switzerland_hot for food

At one point during the trip we got to go on a super fun freight boat ride! Mostly everyone indulged in raclette, so I made sure to bring some vegan cheese selections from Coop so I didn’t miss out on the feasting. I got the SimplyV gourmet slices in the paprika chili flavor, which were WAY better than vegan cheese slices in North America that I use in my recipes! I also had a herb, oregano and thyme flavored cheese by Wilmersberger. They were both amazingly cheesy!

verdict: Coop is a lifesaver when it comes to vegan food in Switzerland! They have a huge variety of labelled products so it’s super fun to go scavenging in there. Checking out local grocery stores and chains is one of my favorite things to do when I travel!

Tibits (Zurich & Lucerne)

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As you’ll see, Tibits quickly became one of my go-to’s on this trip! It’s actually owned by the same people as Hiltl which explains why both are such great restaurants. For the first meal to-go there I got super greens, cucumbers, addenchini, falafel, pasta, potato salad, olives, creamy dill ranch dressing, and elderberry beer!

what i ate in switzerland_hot for food

On another day when I wound up back here, I got another mishmash with scalloped potatoes, green beans, potatoes, a croissant and pasta! Carbs carbs carbs!

what i ate in switzerland_hot for food

They also have a brunch option, but a lot of it was vegetarian instead of vegan. I had muesli with strawberries and coconut flakes, along with some potato wedges and greens. Not as much variety for this meal as I would have liked, but Tibits still remains the MVP of this trip.

verdict: as you can see, Tibits was my holy grail spot. They have a great selection at all of their locations so I was never left with a boring meal! I do want to note that it’s pay by weight, so be careful – it’s easy to go overboard.

Gelateria di Lucerno

For the last treat I’m including in this post, there was a gelato stand at the wedding! I think all weddings officially need to have gelato on site, don’t you agree? I got a combo of lemon, mango, and strawberry which was the perfect way to wrap up the night.

verdict: although I had it from the pop-up ice cream stand, this place also has an in-person location in Lucerne.

Well, it turns out there wasn’t a huge abundance of vegan food in Switzerland while I was there. But luckily I was able to find my go-to spots and eat my heart out there MULTIPLE times. Make sure to check out my vegan snack haul from Coop to see all the goodies I picked up!

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