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kind kreme: raw, vegan, organic ice cream

I haven’t been posting much because I have a full time job as a TV Host at MuchMusic, and when I was cooking and posting on my blog a lot I happened to be unemployed. But change is good and I am SO happy to be working on TV again. It allows me to go to fun places like Los Angeles! I’ve never been before and while it was a short work trip, there was one place I had to go.

kind kreme is a gourmet, raw, vegan, and organic ice cream shop. I thought this was just something I dreamed about on a weekly basis, but as it turns out this dessert haven actually exists. And I just happened to be staying at a hotel right beside it!

This place is no joke. They have well over 30 flavors and a deliciously velvety salted caramel sauce as a topping. There’s also other menu items like shakes, smoothies, and lunch fare. I am in love and I NEED to bring this place to canada. Its not fair! I mowed down on the superfood flavour which is a raw cacao base with chia seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs, and pieces of some other crunchy things I can’t remember. You could eat this shizz for breakfast it’s that good for you!

verdict: I would go to L.A. just to visit kind kreme. Try it. You will love yourself for it!

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  • Lidia 8 years ago

    What! Bring this back to Toronto ASAP. How nice would that be. I would totally be there all the time. I’d love this post for VBU. Would you be so kind as to submit your HTML? Here’s how:
    Represent Toronto vegans all over. 🙂

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