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here’s all the things I use IRL that you’ve seen in videos, vlogs, and on social!

6-inch springform

8-inch cake pan

9-inch cake pans

9-inch springform

agar agar flakes

arrowroot flour

artisan stand mixer

baking sheets

beef flavored bouillon

bento boxes

blue blocker glasses

bodum french press

bose bluetooth speaker

breville food processor

brown rice fusilli

cacao butter

canon EF 24-70mm lens

canon EOS 5D mark IV

canon EOS 70D

canon EOS M50

canon G7 X mark II

cast iron grill pan

cast iron pan

chicken flavored bouillon

chicken flavored bouillon cubes


coffee / spice grinder

compact gorilla pod

cookie cutter set

dandies marshmallows

dish drying mat

dough scraper

doughnut pans

electric kettle

electric pepper grinder

espresso machine

flaked coconut

frank’s red hot sauce

gluten-free tamari

gochujang paste

golden flax meal

heat resistant spatulas

hemp hearts


immersion blender

kala namak

kitchen shears

large offset spatula

LED lighting kit

lemon squeezer

lime squeezer

liquid measuring cups

liquid smoke

maldon flaked salt

mandoline slicer

manfrotto tripod

measuring cups

measuring spoons


mini chocolate chips

mixing bowls

natural wasabi peas

nutritional yeast

nylon nutmilk bags

old bay seasoning

oxo containers (.4 qt)

oxo containers (4.4 qt)

pappardelle pasta

parchment paper

parfait jars

pickled jalapeños

pie dish

pie lifter

produce bag

ring molds

rode lav mic

rode shot gun mic

rolled oats

rolling pin

salt box

sambal oelek

shower curtain

silicone baking mats

small offset spatula

small prep bowls

soda stream

soy curls

spice jars

spider strainer


sushi ginger

t-fal fryer

taotronics air fryer

tapioca flour


trifle dish

vegan fish sauce

vegan graham crackers

vegan pho broth

vegan worcestershire

vital wheat gluten

vitamix A3500 blender

vitamix canister

wire racks

wooden spoons

young green jackfruit



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