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Aren’t you lucky! I’m releasing this e-book, even more vegan comfort classics: bonus recipes to feed your face, because the food porn contained herein is just too good to keep to myself. You might have already received this bonus e-book in 2017/2018 if you pre-ordered my debut cookbook and claimed this free gift. But I know the majority of devotees or newcomers to hot for food didn’t pre-order the cookbook, so now you can indulge in these 15 epic recipes too! Get your copy now!

You’re going to fall in love with my recipe for pecan butter tarts – I’ve never had better in my life – as well as appies like the deep fried pickles, polenta fries, and veggie spring rolls! I even made a vietnamese vermicelli bowl with a vegan fish sauce. Plus there’s big berry muffins, my secret sauce (the miso tahini cream sauce), the ultimate veggie sandwich and even more idea to curb your hunger pains!

Be sure to share all the vegan love on social by tagging your recipe photos @hotforfood #hotforfoodcookbook. Hope you love this vegan e-book!

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