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easy vegan pulled pork sandwiches

easy vegan pulled pork sandwiches_hot for food

There’s many ways to mimic the meatiness of a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. I’ve made a TVP version as well as a jackfruit version which you can find in the hot for food cookbook. I even have an all mushroom version I RECIPE?!’d, but this is an uber easy method using mushrooms again and incorporating even more texture from marinated artichokes!

These are common ingredients everyone has access to and the recipe has you creating a saucy sandwich filling right in one pan! Combined with a quick slaw, it’s got all the things you want in a stacked sandwich; it’s meaty, saucy, crunchy, sweet and sour!

I actually created this for Vegan It! on Chatelaine’s YouTube channel and you can watch it below.

easy vegan pulled pork sandwiches_hot for food


  • A. Alvarez 3 months ago

    This dish was absolutely delicious. I was skeptical because I don’t like mushrooms – really none at all – but this was a touch down (I made them super bowl Sunday) 🙂 My husband approved too. The coleslaw added a good touch too – YUUUMMM.

    • Lauren Toyota 3 months ago


  • Thalia Dacosta 3 months ago

    So incredibly easy and satisfying! The smoked paprika really helps replicate the meat. Ill be making this again

  • Jennifer L. 2 months ago

    Really loved this recipe! The sauce is especially delicious and I loved the hint to avoid stirring too much so that the filling gets browned. I think I’ll use non-marinated artichokes next time so that the final product isn’t so oily.

  • Nicole 2 months ago

    Absolutely LOVED this! All the spices are spot on. I can’t believe I made this myself and didn’t get it at a restaurant! Will definitely be making again. Might try to sneak in a few lentils for an extra pack of protein!

  • Marlene 2 months ago

    This sounds good but what would you use in place of the brown sugar? I don’t use sugar in any form in anything if I can help it.

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