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vegan banoffee pie

vegan banoffee pie_hot for food

I have actually never had a banoffee pie in real life. Nor had I ever heard of it or knew what it was until sometime last year. They were popping up all over my Insta feed like smoothie bowls were going out of style. Unfortunately, that never happened and I continue to be tagged in about 10 smoothie bowls a day (why?). But since then, the word banoffee found its way deep into my consciousness. It’s finally the right time to break out own vegan version of this pie!

Since I’m all about baking for people no matter the occasion, my Mom always knows she’s getting something sweet on Mother’s Day! Luckily she has a sweet tooth and never seems to mind devouring my vegan creations. This year I went less traditional, and wanted to try something kinda trendy. The banoffee pie was in!

This pie has a crisp and sugary oat flour crust, a sticky creamy toffee filling, lotsa bananas, and coconut cream to top it all off. It’s highly addictive… and the perfect dessert for Mom this weekend!

vegan banoffee pie_hot for food

vegan banoffee pie_hot for food


  • elizabeth 3 years ago

    hello! i commented on the video, but im sure it got burried in there. just wondering if it should be served cold or at room temp? i’m making it for mothers day.

    • Roxanne 3 years ago

      I am thinking this pie should be served cold (not frozen) maybe take it out of the fridge for an 1/2 hour before serving? Have fun making it!

    • Lauren Toyota 3 years ago

      you’re refrigerating overnight. You can let it sit out for 10 to 15 minutes before adding the whip and serving. It can have a chill, but not be too cold throughout, but also not be totally warm and room temp.

  • Kitten 3 years ago

    The link to your recipe for coconut cream leads to the minimalist baker recipe. Just lettin ya know.

  • Corona 3 years ago

    Hey, do you have an idea with what I can substitute the walnuts if I have someone with a nut allergy in my family?

  • Teresa 3 years ago

    I tried it out and cooked the toffee for a little over 15 minutes trying to get it to thicken but it never did quite completely. Taking the pie out of the pan had the toffee leak completely out. Maybe a little more than a table spoon of th tapioca would help.

  • Mona 3 years ago

    Hello, I couldn’t find tapioca flour, any suggestions please…. thank you !

  • Alina 3 years ago

    Hello! Thank you for such an amazing recipe!
    Is it possible to substitute something for the vegan butter? I am trying to stay away from it, so wondering if anything else can work the same. Thank you!

    • Francis Felici 2 years ago

      I always use peanut butter and works great

  • Paisley 2 years ago

    Hey Lauren!
    Have you ever made this recipe or something similar with a different fruit? I love the original recipe but want to make it again for a family member who hates bananas. Was wondering if strawberries would be a good substitute.
    Thank you!

    • Lauren Toyota 2 years ago

      I have not, but I’m sure it would be great with berries!

  • Maya 9 months ago

    Hi, can the oats be replaced with flour or maybe grounded biscuits?

  • rachel nogard 8 months ago

    Where is the actual recipe? I just see the blog part, was it removed?

    • Oliva Brown 8 months ago

      Hi Rachel, sorry about this! The recipe is back on the blog post.

      • rachel nogard 8 months ago

        Thank-you! I am making it for a Potluck, so happy it is back!!

  • mikaela 3 months ago

    Would cashews work instead of walnuts???

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