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the sunrise smoothie

sunrise smoothie_hot for food

The reason I call this the sunrise smoothie is because it makes the perfect breakfast companion! Almost any given morning, you can find me sipping on a smoothie. It’s the perfect way to make sure you eat breakfast and start the day off with healthy food. You can pack in a ton of fruits, veggies, and superfoods to make endless combinations! It’s also a great option on the go, so you can get in those nutrients without having a full sit-down meal. 

This smoothie in particular has an added kick from Vega! I love adding their products to my smoothies to make sure I’m getting enough protein in my diet. Added protein, nutrients, AND extra flavor? Sign me the heck up! 

I love how this smoothie looks because of that yummy raspberry topping spooned on at the end. It’s only two ingredients, and makes the perfect middle layer for you to add any toppings you want. Coconut, granola, cacao nibs… the possibilities are yours to discover! Whatever your preference, the sunrise smoothie definitely won’t disappoint.

Oh and by the way, I’ve got way more smoothie ideas here at hot for food! If you want to drink more greens in the morning, try the green mango smoothie. If you’re an advocate for dessert all day long, get down with the pumpkin pie smoothie. Or if you’re so over straws, my blueberry banana power smoothie bowl won’t disappoint! Or just keep scrolling to see how this fruity blend comes together.


  • Nolwenn Petitbois 5 years ago

    oh yum !
    Tofu scramble is dear to me because this is the very first dish my Mom and I made with tofu when I was in highschool. We added veggies and it was so delicious !

    Do you think I could do the same recipes for the fries with sweet potatoes instead ?

    • Lauren Toyota 5 years ago

      for sure it would definitely work! Thanks for checking out the blog

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