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hot couple alert: sweet potato & avocado

I swear, I could eat sweet potato and avocado exclusively, for the rest of my life! I’ve been eating this winning combo for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past few weeks. I thought I would show off the photos from my last few dates with these amazing ingredients. In most cases, the sweet potatoes have been microwaved until almost cooked through, then chopped and pan fried in a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper, cayenne, paprika, cumin, and nutmeg. The possibilities for tasty additions is endless!

Here’s a simple side of potatoes for breakfast – pan fried sweet potato with onions, fresh avocado, salsa, and cilantro.

breakfast sweet potatoes and avocado

This was a yummy warm sweet potato and avocado salad with pan fried sweet potato, fresh avocado, green onion, red pepper, and sweet raisins all tossed in a good dose of lime juice. Next time I would add sliced or chopped almonds too!

sweet potato avocado salad

This is stuffed sweet potato is a super quick dinner staple. If you want to be real quick, microwave your sweet potato whole. I put it on a paper towel and make some surface slices into it with a knife. Most sweet potatoes should only take 5 mins in the microwave. Baking just takes SO long! Then slice it open, mash the insides with a fork, put a tablespoon of earth balance on top to melt, then top with freshly made guacamole (my super guacamole is the best and packed with protein). I added carrot ribbons for extra crunch!

stuffed yam

If you have not incorporated these two ingredients, sweet potatoes and avocado, into your life yet you are truly missing out! Hopefully this gives you some ideas to start eating these vegetables together. If you have your own ideas and recipes for the marriage of sweet potato and avocado, let me know! Oh, and if anyone knows the difference between and sweet potato and a yam, please inform me?!


  • balance 9 years ago

    these all look amazing … cilantro and avocado’s mmmmmmmYams contain more natural sugar than sweet potatoes and have a higher moisture content. yams are not even closely related to the sweet potato!

    • lauren 9 years ago

      great thanks for informing me! I should correct this blog then in saying… I think these are mostly YAMS I have cooked up!

  • Jaime K 9 years ago

    Two of my favorites. You just made me so, so hungry. Gorgeous photos, too!

  • Angela 9 years ago

    Nice photography & nice memory jog for me to eat more of these foods.. great nutrition! Thanks for the inspiration, Ange

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