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vegan banana split

Vegans have fun, ok! We can eat pretty much everything non-vegans eat… including a banana split sundae!

I’d like to think this is a “healthier” version of a very indulgent treat! The “ice cream” is So Delicious Coconut Milk non-dairy vanilla bean and chocolate frozen dessert. I made my own non-dairy chocolate fudge, and whipped cream too! Then this banana split is sprinkled with vegan chocolate chips, colorful vegan confetti sprinkles, and shredded unsweetened coconut. Looks pretty sweet to me!

I’ve never made or eaten a banana split in my life, so this was a fun challenge. And no, I didn’t eat it all to myself. I could only handle a few bites. It’s still sugar!


  • Ricki 9 years ago

    Hi Lauren,Your banana split looks amazing! I’m pretty sure a few bites would be more than enough for me, too.

    Re: your question about the whipped cream–I can’t know for sure, but there are several possibilities. I’ve had that happen when I didn’t cook it long enough before refrigerating (so the cornstarch doesn’t “gel” properly). Depending on what form of agar you used, it’s very fussy; it doesn’t always measure out exactly the same way each time, unfortunately. The revised recipe in my cookbook is more reliable, if that’s any consolation! Glad it tasted good, anyway. 🙂

    • lauren 9 years ago

      Hey RickiThanks for the quick reply! I’ll try and make it again and experiment or just wait until I can get a hold of your book. Either way, the more liquefied version might blend into a nice ice cream base with fruit!

  • doug 8 years ago

    Next time just use a coconut whip or cashew based cream

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