ebooks will support BIPOC communities in USA

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If you don’t have the hot for food ebooks yet, what the heck! To show my support with #BlackLivesMatter I’m donating all proceeds from sales, starting today and indefinitely, to Food Love by Might Be Vegan. This organization was founded by Kimberly Barnes who is a gracious and kind soul helping many underserved people, especially Black, Brown, and those living in low-income communities, gain access to fresh, plant-based foods in a time of need. COVID-19 has statistically affected these communities much harder and funds raised will go directly to food costs to supply this National US program. If you would like to donate on your own here is the GoFundMe page.

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The first ebook is “even more vegan comfort classics: bonus recipes to feed your face” which contains 15 exclusive hot for food recipes that didn’t make the published hot for food cookbook, Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face. It’s got some of my fave recipes actually! Things like pecan butter tarts, chocolate pistachio sugar cookies, and polenta fries. Note that you might have received this book as a free gift by pre-ordering my cookbook in 2017/2018! 

Then there’s“hot for holidays: next level vegan recipes for a festive feast” an epic ebook containing 5 super unique recipes that are hella festive. The most popular insta-worthy dish has been the all potatoes gratin… yes, that’s a savory potato cake! You’re welcome.

all the potatoes gratin_hot for food

If you’re making some delectable dishes from these ebooks, the blog or Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face post a pic on social and use #hotforholidays and tag @hotforfood so I can reshare your beautiful creations!

polenta fries_hot for food
pecan butter tarts_hot for food

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