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breakfast television toronto

 Dina Pugliese, host of Breakfast Television on CityTV Toronto

Today we were up dark and early at 4 am to get prepped for an appearance on Breakfast Television in Toronto. The rush and chaos of morning television is amusing. There’s so much to remember and it’s all over in a flash! But it’s super fun and all part of our plan to make the whole world vegan.

Last year we heard host Dina Pugliese was trying to eat vegan so we sent her a starter kit with some of our fave staples like coconut fakin’ bacon, cashew sour cream, chocolate chip almond butter cookies, and must-have ingredients like nutritional yeast. She loved it! So we were happy to connect again on live TV to talk about dairy substitutes. It’s just a shame we didn’t get to show everyone our famous vegan nacho cheese sauce.

Watch the full segment here.

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