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clean eating sept cover_2014

This is crazy! We’ve been published. Today you can pick up the latest issue of clean eating magazine to see the new monthly column I started, featuring our DIY home and beauty recipes. September’s budget issue includes a step by step recipe for our natural lavender deodorant. I’ve been working on upcoming issues as well so there will be lots more to check out on that section of the blog in the coming weeks. Please let us know what products you’re interested in trying to make yourself and hopefully we can work out a recipe idea!

I have to give a huge thanks to my cousin Midori Rutledge who has been helping spread the word about hot for food and introduced me to the editor in chief of the magazine so this could all transpire! Midori is an incredible fitness model and personal trainer who is just full of love and light. If you need fitness inspiration she will definitely get you moving!

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