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Being vegan, I am obviously against animal testing, but sadly animal testing for cosmetics is still legal in 80% of countries worldwide, including Canada. That’s why I’m joining hundreds of bloggers and YouTubers during #becrueltyfree week to bring awareness to this archaic practice with a #blogforbunnies.

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Modern science has vastly improved since many of these animal tests were first developed in the 1930’s and 1940’s. But they continue to be used because “that’s the way things have always been done,” and the tests aren’t at all reliable at verifying how the chemicals will affect human beings. Yet every year 100,000 rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats suffer and die just to test cosmetics that in turn are still harming us through daily use and exposure.

Animal testing for cosmetics has been outlawed through the EU, Norway, Israel and India, and other countries are quickly acting to follow their example. Together we can make Canadian cosmetics cruelty-free just by signing this petition and using our purchasing power to change the system.

When you’re planning on restocking your beauty products, check out the leaping bunny compassionate shopping guide or PETA’s company search to see what brands are certified and which aren’t. These databases are totally up-to-date and reliable.

Here are the brands that I use on the regular:

100% Pure

Bare English & Co.

Deep Steep


Dr. Bronner



Lacc Nail Polish

Meow Meow Tweet

Modern Minerals

Province Apothecary

Schmidt’s Deodorant

Watch my video for more #blogforbunnies… with a special guest appearance!

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4 thoughts on “#becrueltyfree week”

  1. Rebecca Wilson

    This is a great blog, thank you. Thanks, too, for helping to spread awareness about the vast availability of superior cruelty-free makeup and skincare products!

  2. Nina Alexandra Milan

    Hey I live in Barcelona, Spain…Originally from Canada! Please can you tell me what products here are cruelty free? How would I figure that out? P.S. I love all your food recipes!!! <3

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