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tofu katsu onigirazu

Roll up the best sushi sandwich you’ve ever had! This tofu katsu onigirazu is filled with crispy baked tofu, sushi rice, pickled veggies, spicy mayo & sweet tonkatsu sauce.

hemp crusted tofu cobb salad

These gluten-free breaded tofu nuggets are highly addictive… you’ve been warned! They make the perfect pairing with a fresh cobb style salad and a creamy ranch.

crispy sweet & sour tofu

Bring on the ultimate comfort food… crispy sweet and sour tofu with rice is as simple and easy as it gets!

cold tofu

This is a dish that I grew up eating with my Japanese side of the family and I love it!

krispy kale tofu

This is a simple way to eat more greens and it tastes great, too!

grilled spicy peanut tofu steaks & mango spinach broccolini salad

I was inspired by a bottle of mango nectar and broccolini for this one. Move over regular old broccoli. BORING! Baby broccoli or broccolini cooks better and faster, can stay really crispy, and I like the taste more. Plus, I’m sure you’re super over cooking tofu the same old way. This will definitely become a […]

vegan benny breakfast loaf

You’ve never seen breakfast like this before! Take my classic tofu benny up a notch by turning it into a delicious loaf with hollandaise for dippin’.

vegan breakfast taquitos

Make early mornings a little easier with these breakfast taquitos! Tofu scramble, vegan cheddar, vegan sausage, and kale are a totally A+ combo.

vegan pumpernickel bagel bombs

Make any day extra great by having pumpernickel bagel bombs for breakfast! They’re the perfect grab and go meal for school or work.

what i ate in bali

My trips across the globe are usually a couple weeks at most… so I think we can all agree that a month-long stay in Bali was unlike anything I’ve ever done! My reason for going was to co-facilitate a retreat called Live With Purpose in partnership with The Getaway Co. You can watch my vlog […]

what i ate in atlanta

Here’s all the vegan food in Atlanta I managed to scope out! From ice cream to pizza to tacos, I checked a lot of necessary food boxes on this trip.

what i ate in calgary

Here’s all the vegan food in Calgary I indulged in during my stop for the hot for food book tour! As a bonus, I got to meet some furry friends!

vegan sour cherry almond danishes

Braid your puff pastry into a cute nest to hold the sweet & sour pairing of creamy vanilla custard and tart sour cherry jam… no regrets!

vegan everything danishes

If you love an everything bagel with herb & garlic cream cheese, then you’re guaranteed to fall madly in love with the everything danish!

cornmeal blinis with vegan caviar

The vegan caviar is made from black quinoa seasoned with soy and dulse and along with the cornmeal blinis, it all pairs quite perfectly with a tangy flavorful tofu scallion cream!

the $100 challenge meal plan

This easy vegan meal plan contains 10 recipes with 21 meals for the week, and it’s entirely budget friendly!

what i ate in las vegas

I went on two trips to Vegas recently, and kept track of all the amazing eats I had there! Check out my review of the best vegan food in Las Vegas.

vegan ramen spring rolls

This is all the delicious things you love about a steaming hot bowl of ramen stuffed into a spring roll!

eggplant lasagna roll ups

This is a warm, comforting, and entirely plant based lasagna roll up recipe with eggplant as the noodles! It’s also stuffed with so much flavor from a homemade tofu ricotta, pesto, and a hearty lentil mushroom filling.

five spice pulled palm bao

You’re about to sink your teeth into the tastiest plant-based bao ever! The filling is a meaty heart of palm and tofu combo with chinese five-spice and garlic.

vegan gnudi with walnut sage pesto

One bite of this vegan gnudi with a comforting walnut sage pesto and you’ll be in heaven! These super pillowy ricotta filled dumplings are way too satisfying.

what i ate in new orleans

I compiled the highlights of my two hella fun New Orleans trips into one blog post! Read about all of the vegan food in New Orleans I got to indulge in.

what i ate in prince edward county

Along with telling you all the vegan food in Prince Edward County that I ate, I also have recommendations for vineyards, accommodations, and shopping.

what i ate in paris

I was lucky enough to visit Paris, France for my book tour! Here’s all the vegan food in Paris that I ate, and my suggestions for tourist attractions!

easy vegan crepes

Whipping up fluffy vegan crepes is super easy with a 5 ingredient batter… the best part? You can stuff ‘em with whatever you want!

vegan english trifle with custard

Want to celebrate something sweet?! How about making these cute english trifles with layers of creamy vegan vanilla custard, vanilla cake, raspberry jam, berries, and whipped cream!

hot for food faq

why is the new website loading strangely? we just launched a new website and your browser’s cache may still be storing files from the old version of our site, causing things to look funny. Follow these instructions to clear your cache. where did John go? life goes on and things are all love, but we’re no […]

cookbook launch on breakfast television

Breakfast Television welcomed hot for food to the show on the release date of Vegan Comfort Classics, the debut cookbook! I shared some of my fave easy vegan staple like the tofu benny with hollandaise, pulled pork sandwiches and vegan cheesecake with host, Dina Pugliese, who admittedly loves vegan food and loves nooch, but still […]

vegan spinach dip

This is a classic spinach dip just like you remember but now made vegan – and way healthier – with a couple of swaps!

easy vegan meal inspo

It’s a brand new year and that means kickstarting 2018 with a happier healthier you! Try going vegan for a few days, a few weeks, or take the pledge to do it for the whole month of #Veganuary!

vegan gingerbread trifle

May your days be merry and bright this winter, especially now that you can deep dive into this gingerbread trifle with layers of soft gingerbread cookies, winter spice custard, and coconut whip!

hemp hearts 3 ways

You don’t need to worry about where vegans get their protein, because hemp hearts are the super plant that packs it all in and I’m sharing 3 delicious and easy ways to enjoy them all day long!

what i ate in miami

Wondering what vegan food in Miami is worth trying? I’ve got the lowdown on everywhere I visited after visiting the city for Seed Food & Wine festival.

5 easy vegan breakfasts

Here’s 5 easy and super delicious vegan breakfast ideas you can take to-go each day of the week! Get your meal planning game face on cause this is next level stuff, my friends.

what i ate in switzerland

I got to visit Switzerland because two of my Canadian friends were tying the knot there. Here’s all the vegan food I ate in Switzerland!

5 easy vegan back to school bento boxes

I swore I’d never do it… meal plan… but what better time to get organized and eat healthy then back to school season! Check out these easy multi-purpose meal ideas that are perfect for school or for a quick lunch at your desk!

creamy vegan potato salad

Comforting and creamy, but still light and healthy… dig in with a big spoon, cause the classic potato salad got a makeover!