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the green mango smoothie

This isn’t just your typical green smoothie – it’s got a tropical twist that’ll keep you cool!

the pomegranate punch smoothie

Whether you opt for fresh or frozen pomegranate seeds, this light and fruity blend will satisfy all your fruity cravings!

blueberry banana power smoothie bowl

Go straw-less and have your smoothie in a bowl! Top it with whatever scrumptious toppings you can find for a breakfast that won’t disappoint.

the vanilla latte smoothie

What do you get when you cross a smoothie and a latte? A deliciously frothy drink that’ll quickly become your go-to breakfast blend!

the coconut lime cream smoothie

Sip on this dream team, coconut and lime! This smoothie is heavenly and tastes like dessert, but there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

mint mocha almond dream smoothie

Ya damn right I put a chocolate bar in a smoothie! This mint mocha almond dream smoothie is full of antioxidants and healthy fats.

the pineapple chai smoothie

This unlikely combo of pineapple and chai will blow you away! Blend up this goodness for a refreshing breakfast smoothie.

what i ate in las vegas

I went on two trips to Vegas recently, and kept track of all the amazing eats I had there! Check out my review of the best vegan food in Las Vegas.

what i ate in prince edward county

Along with telling you all the vegan food in Prince Edward County that I ate, I also have recommendations for vineyards, accommodations, and shopping.

easy vegan meal inspo

It’s a brand new year and that means kickstarting 2018 with a happier healthier you! Try going vegan for a few days, a few weeks, or take the pledge to do it for the whole month of #Veganuary!

vegan gingerbread trifle

May your days be merry and bright this winter, especially now that you can deep dive into this gingerbread trifle with layers of soft gingerbread cookies, winter spice custard, and coconut whip!

hemp hearts 3 ways

You don’t need to worry about where vegans get their protein, because hemp hearts are the super plant that packs it all in and I’m sharing 3 delicious and easy ways to enjoy them all day long!

vegan banoffee pie

What’s a banoffee pie? Only the most delicious dessert ever! These layers of bananas, toffee, and whipped cream will melt your heart and go down real easy.

vegan pumpkin ravioli

You know me… a die hard pasta and vegan cheese lover! This idea for a pumpkin cheese stuffed ravioli is perfect if you’re a pumpkin fan but are so over the pumpkin spice obsession.

vegan coffee cake

This is a tasty dessert with a crumbly texture and sweet coffee flavor. Serve it up for brunch or dessert (or both!).

what i ate in mexico

I went on a sunny, tropical vacation in Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita! Here’s all the vegan food in Mexico I ate while I was there.

breakfast hash bowl

Behold, the perfect vegan-friendly brunch idea! Check out this breakfast hash bowl for savory, filling way to start your day.

10 vegan essentials

Want to try the vegan lifestyle? Here’s the 10 ingredients you’ll need to have in your kitchen!

vegan pad thai

Who doesn’t love pad thai? I took the classic flavours and textures you love and cooked it up as a saucy, vegan-friendly meal.

pumpkin facial

the only time you’ll want pie in the face is when you’re relaxing with this soothing homemade facial!

coconut whip

This dairy-free coconut whip is the perfect accompaniment to basically everything!

chfa east 2014

We had a unique opportunity to attend the canadian health food association trade show in toronto thanks to our friends at vega who hooked us up with passes! Watch our little video of everything we saw… and ate! Typically these trade shows are just for retail industry, but going as bloggers proved to be kind […]

women’s health mag

I’m were so excited to discover that my acai bowl with homemade hemp granola made it into this Women’s Health Magazine listicle, 6 delicious acai bowls to start your day right! This beauty was even the cover photo for the whole dang thing! I’m also honoured to have my little ‘ol bowl be listed alongside […]

get leashed magazine

Get Leashed magazine came to hot for food HQ to meet my cat Snickle and chat about what it’s like being vegan! I shared the secret weapon to preparing kale, made the crew some smoothies, and also took a trip to the Dufferin Grove farmers’ market to check out the local fare. The whole feature […]

acai bowl

Making your own acai bowls at home is super easy and really refreshing!

homemade hemp granola

This homemade hemp granola is super healthy and slightly sweet. Toss it on smoothie bowls, vegan ice cream, or straight into your mouth!

vegan pumpkin spice muffins

These perfect pumpkin spice muffins are great to bring to brunch or to eat as a sweet snack. Real pumpkin puree makes them extra moist, and gluten free oat flour kicks up the fibre!