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easy vegan pasta sauces

Here’s 3 simple vegan pasta sauces recipes you can whip up all in the time it takes to boil your noodles!

easy pesto pasta

This is a super tasty and easy pasta dish to whip up for dinner during the week! The pesto is made with a few simple ingredients, including raw walnuts and basil.

the $100 challenge meal plan

This easy vegan meal plan contains 10 recipes with 21 meals for the week, and it’s entirely budget friendly!

vegan cheeseburger pizza

A combination of two classic comfort foods! It’s veg-friendly cheeseburger madness on top of mini pizzas, which is basically a vegan dream come true.

vegan gnudi with walnut sage pesto

One bite of this vegan gnudi with a comforting walnut sage pesto and you’ll be in heaven! These super pillowy ricotta filled dumplings are way too satisfying.

vegan mushroom bourguignon

Hearty bourguignon is the perfect weeknight dinner, and cooking in a pressure cooker makes it super easy to throw together!

vegan pizza mac & cheese

I know you haven’t had enough mac & cheese… so here we go! A creamy, cheesy, savory pizza mac & cheese for those constant cravings.

hemp hearts 3 ways

You don’t need to worry about where vegans get their protein, because hemp hearts are the super plant that packs it all in and I’m sharing 3 delicious and easy ways to enjoy them all day long!

5 easy vegan back to school bento boxes

I swore I’d never do it… meal plan… but what better time to get organized and eat healthy then back to school season! Check out these easy multi-purpose meal ideas that are perfect for school or for a quick lunch at your desk!

what i ate in vancouver

The east coast is one of my fave places! Here’s everything I ate during my trips to Vancouver.

vegan pumpkin ravioli

You know me… a die hard pasta and vegan cheese lover! This idea for a pumpkin cheese stuffed ravioli is perfect if you’re a pumpkin fan but are so over the pumpkin spice obsession.

the best vegan macaroni salad

The simple things like pasta and creamy caesar dressing are what really matter in life. Make the best vegan macaroni salad right now!

vegan carrot cake

Here’s a simple carrot cake recipe made vegan that is moist, and slightly sweet! Cream cheese icing is a necessity, so I whipped up a scrumptious vegan version you’ll fall in love with.

macaroni skillet

Proof anything can be made better when it’s vegan… this is basically hamburger helper and it makes a great meal for the whole family!

penne arrabbiata

When you just want a simple bowl of pasta, look no further than this penne arrabbiata with vegan Italian sausage. It’s spicy and satisfying!

vegan chicken noodle soup

This vegan version of chicken noodle soup tastes just like the real thing! This will officially become your fave hearty bowl to enjoy on chilly days.

broccoli & cheese stuffed shells

Who can say no to pasta shells stuffed with gooey vegan cheese and savoury brocolli? This has a secret ingredient that’ll keep you coming back for more.

creamy vegan mushroom fettuccine alfredo

Dive into a comforting guilt-free dinner with this creamy vegan mushroom fettuccine alfredo! White wine, mushrooms, and cashew cream combine for a pasta dish that’ll have your tastebuds singing.

vegan eggplant parmesan subs

These scrumptious vegan eggplant parmesan subs are one of my greatest achievements. Fix yourself a saucy sub tonight and thank me later!

10 vegan essentials

Want to try the vegan lifestyle? Here’s the 10 ingredients you’ll need to have in your kitchen!

pizza pockets

Stuff that pizza into a dough pocket with anything you want!

green fettuccine

This awesome comforting pasta dish couldn’t be easier to prepare thanks to new NONA vegan sauces!

stuffed crust pizza

It’s time for a vegan pizza party! If you’ve never stuffed your crust, now’s the time.

new york vegan style

I looooove new york and this was our first trip to new york together as vegans (and vegan bloggers). Now there are obviously tons of places to eat and we couldn’t fit them all into this trip, but wel had our vegan game faces on and the big apple did not disappoint! If you want […]

perfect vegan mac & cheese

I think I finally did it! I made the perfect vegan mac & cheese that even your omnivorous, cheese loving friends and family will become obsessed with.

mac & peas

This is a classic hot for food recipe and will become a regular in your weekly meal rotation!

the perfect vegan lasagna

Layers of a creamy bechamel, tangy tofu ricotta, veggies, and tomato sauce is all you need for a heavenly vegan lasagna!